Monday, March 18, 2013


So our awesome Valetine's Day party was an email invite but I still wanted it to be special so I whipped this guy up. Again, if you would like to use it next year, just let me know and I'll take the 30 seconds to customize it for you. I think a nicely designed email invite has more of the effect of a paper invite when it comes to building anticipation and attendance. A step up from a facebook event at least.

We couldn't let the St. Patrick's Day party be any less awesome since we actually planned it a month in advance. For St. Patty's day we decided to let J and Ellie in on the fun.

First I carved a shamrock out of a potato which took about 3 minutes. Then I dipped it in modge podge (because I was out of white glue) and stamped it on white cardstock.

Then I tapped the cards onto a board (this one is a random piece of Ikea furniture from the time I bought a pile of scraps in the as-is section for $5. It is awesome for crafts when I want to protect my table)

Then I showed the girls how to do darkest at the bottom and light at the top. I have some liquid watercolor so it helped that they only had one color to choose from. Otherwise we would have needed a rainbow look/

Once they got tired of it, I went back over them to even out the colors for the ombre look we were going for. Then we let them dry and peeled off the tape. I liked the white border so we didn't trim them. 

Since we only had 8 invites, I just hand wrote the info. Add a little washi tape to the envelope and BAM! you know it will be a fun party.


Katie said...

You guys sure do "fun" well!

jeanene c said...

That sounds like such fun. I am going to have to throw some sort of party and get ideas from you all.!!! I thought your invites were so cute and easy enough for me to do.


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