Saturday, January 31, 2015

Children's Museum with Grammy

Look what pictures I found from last November. It was one of our first adventures with Grammy since she came home.

The best part was seeing this on the ride home.

I also found this picture of the rock candy attempts 1, 2, and 3 from J's frozen party favors. I know, I actually got worse! The internets should know of the tragedy and that super, super-saturated syrup does make the process faster, but does not give the same results.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Zoo

Cheryl the Great invited us to the zoo and we did some of the fun things we've never done before, like ride the train. M mostly enjoyed the camelbak and saying "Choo Choo!" over and over. I liked learning some new stuff about the animals.

And we rode the carousel. J got the hummingbird she had been eyeing the entire wait in line.

M is great at selfies.

We also got hooked up with a camel ride from one of my sister's former students manning the booth.

Now if only M hadn't discovered the stream at the bottom of the tree house play area. And if J hadn't disappeared from said play area only to be returned to her anxious mother by a kind Samaritan. And if we hadn't had to retrace our steps looking for J's lost shoe. And we'll forget about the tantrums by both upon leaving. Then we might have had a perfect day. But since I didn't take pictures of the bad, we'll just remember the good parts!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mama Duck

 These ducks were for a friend and there ended up being a couple more ducklings, but they were well loved before they left.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Christmas Morning

There was a unwrapped plasma car under the tree for M but this is what he did when he first came out. 

 I think he was just really excited. Then he discovered the candy from his stocking and nothing else mattered.

Eventually he was interested in the car and now it gets up to surprisingly high speeds on a variety of paths, including from my walk in closet to pantry. Almost daily he likes to hook his arm behind my knee while importuning me with cries of "Stuck!" to free the car from wherever he lodged it. Of course I drive it back because it is really fun and supports like 400 pounds.

J loved her pajamas from Uncle Todd.

Lil' Sis and Bro-in-law were staying with us and enjoyed our low key Christmas morning.

M also got some cool transforming dino race cars, but the candy was more important. It's a good thing there are big sisters to help out.


This gesture makes me think my daughter should definitely spend some time in Japan.

J also received a My Little Pony book and playset. Santa also brought the clock she asked him for. Yes, she asked for a clock, not any toys.  A digital clock, one that goes on a dresser, not the wall, were the specifications. The one she received has a green light that come on when it is ok to wake up and go in to Mom and Dad's room. Best. gift. ever.

Husband gave me an awesome bluetooth speaker  I had been wanting and I gave him some new clothes, eggnog taffy, and secretly got the laptop buzzing fixed. I loved the gift J gave to Jesus the Sunday before, that she would listen to her parents and be sweet. We are beyond blessed!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Holiday Festivities

J was adorable in her little preschool program. It was fantastic watching the various levels of engagement, pitch, and timing. Absolutely perfect.

We went to Bass Pro to enjoy the activities and see Santa. I loved that J chose a Christmas dress all on her own.

Finally a carousel M can ride over and over. Look at that smile!

M enjoyed redecorating the tree.

J was really looking forward to Aunt Mona's Christmas party. At the Halloween party she asked if they were going to frost trees. That girl and her memory. We made sure to go this year and it did not disappoint.

Singing carols into the elf microphone.

The much anticipated trees

This time Husband was able to come too!

 M thought he belonged in the baby car seat and thought he was so hilarious. It's by the little Christmas tree so it is in the Christmas post :)

I made these advents for the ladies I visit teach, inspired by punch-a tune. 150 hot glued dixie cups later...

They were a hit and my kids fought over turns each day.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Maricopa Steamers

This year cousins Walter and Kyle came to Maricopa Steamers too! Walter looks adorable in his "santa sweatshirt."

J wanted to bring her new "let it go wand."

M was transfixed by the trains. Seriously, he was in heaven.

Normally J isn't too interested in the model trains, but this year both kids loved them.

This is the only picture I snapped on the little train we rode. It is a 20 minute ride through the desert and they have lots of lights and inflatables set up. J had fun pointing out all the characters she new.

Then she wanted to see Santa

M not so much...


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