Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Blessing Day

This is as good as you get when your 3rd kid has his baby blessing a week before you move.

I didn't want the kid to be completely left out so I put him through a little photo shoot two days later when things weren't quite as crazy.

He was not amused.

He blew some bubbles for me.

M participated and was sweet.

"Snap, snap Mom. I've thing to do."

She is still his #1 fan. She's cried because he was asleep when she got home from school and missed him. Her freckles melt my heart.

He really is the sweetest little boy.

Monday, November 21, 2016

First Bath

My friend Leah was so sweet and bought me the overpriced infant tub I had been coveting since J was a baby. My kids were off at a sleepover but my niece and nephew were there and found the whole baby bath process fascinating.

He wasn't so sure he enjoyed the experience, but he didn't actively dislike it.

He is so big already that I almost miss this itty bitty baby in the pictures.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Meeting M3

I'm finally pulling photos off of my real camera. I use my cell most often now, but I still had some nice ones. Here are the kiddos meeting M3 for the first time.

Can you guess which child was more interested?

This one was very interested in what toys the baby brought. J got an Octonauts ship and M got a green Vtech dino he had a meltdown about in Tuesday Morning. He didn't get it at the time, but kept talking about it for an entire month and even started saving his "moneys" for it. Waaaaaay more fun than a little brother.

Now it's been five months and I can't even remember who came by the hospital to meet him. We were out pretty fast, but Grammy was able to come pretty fast.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

M3's Newborn pics

I realized I never posted the whole set of these! I wasn't in love with the color on most of them so I went in and edited them today. Black and white makes them look so much better!

How M really feels,

 I'm not sure which one I like better between these next two.

 I love this one of the boys

 This one actually looked better in color.

And oddly enough, my favorite picture was the one that the photographer took with my cell phone.


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