Sunday, March 10, 2013

Daddy's Song

Lately I caught J singing her very own composition that I have titled, "Daddy's Song."  Completely spontaneous and unprompted because I was busy doing nothing on the internet. Of course I only got the last 5 secs of it before she was more concerned about charging the drum set.

Thankfully I was giving an encore performance a couple weeks later as I was doing my hair. You can ignore the last 30 seconds when she gets distracted by the glass objects now accessible from her perch on a stool.

And while I was telling Lil's Sis about Daddy's Song, J performed this little number while we skyped. Probably the best one if you are only going to watch one video.

The last lines are "Daddy work, Mommy work, goodnight"


jeanene c said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful tapes. We were both laughing at that last one. She is so precious. They remind me a little of Alicia when she was little, because she would sing conversations. What a lucky Daddy, to be featured in such inspiring music!

Alicia W said...

Awesome! I'm thinking a killer punk version is in order. Is it too late to start a band?

Elena said...

Even though I saw that one 'live' it still makes me so happy. I love your kid!

Jackijo said...

Love those dance moves!

Jackijo said...

Love those dance moves!


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