Sunday, November 30, 2014

First Day of Nursery

 I always dress him as adorably as I can because it helps me be a bit more patient as I chase him in the hallways at church. These pictures are out of focus because he never. stops. moving. WE sure do love him though!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The occasional perfect morning

A friend of mine has a daughter in East Valley Children's Theater and they perform plays at the library. They give all the kids a free book so try to go. I invited some friends just in case I had to take M out for being disruptive, but he was actual interested in the actors and watched! It was miraculous.

This isn't even the girl I know but J was happy to take a picture with the Puppetmaster.

We headed to Lee's sandwiches because it was just up the road and I love the weird, yet delicious meats. They are seriously fantastic and very authentic Asian sandwiches. They bake the bread in house.

They make great euro-sandwiches as well. The kids calmly ate a half each. While sitting sweetly in their chairs. It was surreal. So naturally used the moment to take pictures of our food.

 And my sweetlings as well.

I love their smoothies. I ordered the jackfruit and got the kids soursop because I figure I should order fruits I didn't know existed. You can get boba and grass jelly in them so they have the giant straws. I think that made M enjoy it more.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Phoenix Temple Open House

We had the chance to tour this temple twice with old high school friends of Husband. I was nervous to invite them but everyone we invited was excited to go. The second time we brought the kids along because we wanted our whole family together in the temple. M made it about half way before melting down completely, and since I had already seen it all once, I had no problem stepping out. J said her favorite room was the one where people got married :) 

M thought the Christus statue was fascinating.

I love being so close to such amazing buildings and know I am so lucky to have my family forever! Temples allow miracles to happen and I'm happy we could share something so special to us with our friends.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Halloween Boo at the Library

I think this is the last of the Halloween posts. There's a reason why fall is so big for bloggers, so many photo opportunities! There was a trick or treat event at the library, but J had preschool. I figured I took J to stuff like this all the time when she was littler so I decided to go with just M.

He didn't really get the craft idea. He doesn't have the dexterity for scissors (a blessing actually) and just wanted to take the cap on and off the glue stick, which he couldn't do so he just grunted and yelled at me to help him with every 5 seconds.

But he looked so adorable as Spiderman I was happy to do it! Well, for four times.

Then we paraded around the library, stopping for little toys, stickers, and candy. He wasn't quick to pick up on the concept, but he recognized a mini Twix when he got it and wanted to plop down and yell at me to open it. I didn't want to unleash chocolate toddler hands on the library so we had a little disagreement. In the end I gave in and decided he could eat it if I held him.

The last stop on the parade gave us a really nice board book.

 M tried to eat it.

When J found out about our adventure, I expected her to be upset she didn't get to go but she thought it was fair that M went because he didn't get to go to preschool. She was excited to read his new book with him. She inspires me.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Aunt Mona's Halloween Party

Guys, I'm actually starting to learn the names of these members of my extended family. This is an achievement I assure you. J had been looking through the photobooks and jumped up and down when I told her we were going to Aunt Mona's party. Then she asked if we were going to decorate trees (the sugar cone and frosting kind from the Christmas party). She was still excited even though the answer was no.

M had a fever so it was just the two of us and the Elsa dress was too itchy for the moment. That meant my little flamenco dancer came in her dancing shoes.

She was quite excited to draw her pumpkin.

A picture of the witches (I bailed on my Anna costume since I had no Elsa to join me. And I had been dealing with a feverish nonverbal one year old all day).

J made a friend named Sophie, but I have no idea her relation to us.

 Mona knows her way around a tablescape. The stuffed kitty in the upper left has been played with every day since it came home as her prize.

A few days ago J insisted I take a picture of it, "Will you take a picture of me and the kitty. Now one of just the kitty."

We sure love Aunt Mona and her parties!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

10 Year Reunion

If everyone you graduated with asks you questions about your high school reunion at every wedding and baby shower you see them at, don't feel obligated to organize it. It doesn't matter that you have a background in event planning and the resources to put one together, you are just setting yourself up for high school-style drama. And you might start a new fitness career three months after working on the reunion and lose much of your free time. You might end up having to cancel the planned reunion everyone voted for because not enough people bought tickets. Then there is the scramble to put together something else right before. Of course, it might just turn out to be a lot of fun because you have these lovely people to catch up with.

P.S. I was an emergency sub for spin class that morning, drove to another gym to teach yoga in my 80's garb, came home and got costumes on the kids for the church party, set up the cake walk at said party, and then came home to change and set up for the reunion. Busiest. Day. Ever.

When I came home after my 80's yoga looking like this, J asked. "Why do you look so awesome?" I had to take a selfie to commemorate the moment, even though my pink blush had worn off and my bangs lost three inches of height.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Horse and Chair

Sometimes I look over at my sweet girl and I can't help but grab my camera. I don't know what feat of imagination inspired this but I'm so happy to have caught it.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Frozen Costumes

Our church halloween party we all dressed as frozen characters. This whole get up is courtesy of Cheryl the Great. I'm too cheap to buy a wig, but she loved having Elsa hair.

How does one make an Olaf costume for 95 degree heat and toddler attention spans? A little makeup, your sister's white shirt with felt Elmer's glued on, and the bloomer things from his blessing suit.

 My aunt Chris was a champ and helped me make an Anna costume. I was just going to buy one, but couldn't find anything but an inappropriate adult one. So a cheap black shirt and a graduation robe was sacrificed. I did splurge for $3 hair extensions so maybe J has a hereditary source for her wig love. Selfies with two kids are kid of hard to take. Oh and J wanted some Elsa gloves and the pink dance accessory worked.

Husband was setting up for said church party so I had no one to take my picture. I think J did a fine job.

Husband didn't have time to run home to change into his brown shirt, but we brought his Sven antlers. M soaked his shirt and dissolved my Elmer's glue ahead of schedule and I forgot to take my sunglasses off, but I still love my little Frozen family!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Vertuccio Farms 2014

This marks the 3rd year we've gone to this fall festival and I'm feeling old. Now my little girl actually understands how to milk the fake cow.

My son, not so much.

When we went around the corner and saw the barrel train ride, M immediately pointed his finger at it, then grunted resolutely, "Uuhh." He got his point across. I really wish he'd learn to talk faster. Grunting only gets us so far.

He did not like the idea of getting out.

Of course the chicks were, "So cute!" She might change her mind when she gets pecked.

Our friends Rachel C and Diane G with their respective children met up with us there.

M found his way to the top, even after I doubted him.

He was quite pleased, his "uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh" was mostly to enjoy the vibration effect of the jumping.

J went down this tube slide like a champ, but wanted me to go with her on the top one. Of course I had M so we all piled in and then J got a giant rug burn where her skirt rode up. She tried to stop herself and wedged her foot under us and I thought she was going to get a broken leg, but the only casualty was her little bum skin. She had fun showing it to people for the next week, despite my protests to keep her modesty. Three year olds :)

All the kids jumped on the teeter totter at once.

M doesn't like standing still to be measured.

J did better

Of course once Jake joined her, she tried to push him away.

M repeatedly grunted to go play with the duck races. Shade in the 95 degrees felt nice and he has an obsession with water.

This is J's ballet friend Taylor.

Jake loved on his pumpkin.

M went around righting all the fallen pumpkins in the patch.

Some fun/weird orange editing effects.

Tay knows how to pose.

J only looks at the camera when I ask her where my nose is.

And all the moms just about died when we saw them doing this.

These goats ate all the quarters I had. Well the feed it bought, but I hear goats will chew on cans so maybe they would have liked the quarters.

Bringing friends along mean pictures with me in them!

More grunting, more visits to the duck races.

I love these sweet kids of mine and I'm sad for the day when school steals them from me. I know it will be all too soon!


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