Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Science Teacher Rule #51

Freshman are really just kindergarteners, with slightly larger vocabularies and body odor, but the same attention span.

My students were drawing their data tables on whiteboards

One boy decided to add sound effects to his artistic endeavor.

Vrooooooooooom,vroooooooooooom, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrr, vroooooooom, vrooooooom eeeeeeeeeeiiiiir

In case my onomatopoeia didn't give you sufficient detail, you should be hearing the re-creation of a car changing gears and sliding into turns as a marker or 'car' makes a large rectangle.

After his lab partner erases part of the box I hear, "What are you doing?! I can't draw that again! It's too long a drive!"

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Poppies, poppies will make them sleep

One the perks of living in east Mesa, this was right off the sidewalk, just near the freeway round about

Friday, March 26, 2010

Saturday Steals: Loreal Lash Serum

*I'm participating in Camille's Saturday Steals. Send her some love!
Remember that time I became a product tester and they send me free stuff? Buzzagent.com kids, you have to try it. It's less product testing and more word of mouth marketing because the stuff is all approved and what not.
The current kit?L’Oréal Paris® Concentrated Lash Boosting Serum and Double Extend Lash Boosting Mascara. The combined set retails at $25 (serious?!)
But by some magical happenstance, I got TWO kits. TWO! So I gave one to my sister-in-law for Christmas. ($50 worth of stuff. yeehah! That's my steal) As part of the deal I had to take before pics, use the stuff for four weeks religiously, then take after pics. Verdict: My lashes did get longer and a bit darker like it promised.


Not fake eye lash long, but enough to notice if you were looking for it. My sister-in-law said that she didn't like the serum so she stopped using it, but she really felt like there was less lash fall out with the mascara (another product promise. I didn't notice, but I never felt like my lashes fell out that much anyways). The serum did irritate my eye lid a bit for the first two weeks. I'm sensitive. The mascara wasn't all that amazing to me and I didn't like it at first. Once I changed my application technique, I liked it better. It comes with a primer that you put on first. I'm a firm believer in the "let it dry between coats" camp. However, with the primer I found that you need to put the mascara on pretty quickly for best results. And keep combing on the black stuff too. I did get some nice compliments on my lashes this last month too, which has NEVER happened before. What's that? You want to see the pictures? Oooooohkay. But I didn't follow instructions and take an after with the mascara. Those dark circles are pure natural.


AfterBefore:And after

Not quite sure how the shadows gave me a snout in the last picture, the bathroom lighting didn't change, but focus on the lashes.

Bottom line: If you want longer lashes, but don't want to risk the side effects of Lattisse, try the lash boosting serum. Personally, I don't think I'll shell out the money for it until I turn fifty and my lashes are thinning. However, I will definitely finish the tube I have (which last forever! I'm not even half out yet after two months of using it a ton).

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Science Teacher Rule #3

Maybe this should be number two. Possibly number one.

A quote of a student after watching my interaction with one of my favorite colleagues (who had his freshman extract their own DNA today to put in little pendants. Soooooooooo pretty and super cool. That's why he's a favorite.) The student's eyes are ping ponging between me and J as we talk. We stop. The eye movement stops. Then the student utters:

"Science teachers are weird."

You don't know the half of it, kid.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Science Teacher Rule #22

Junior High Girls are very free with their compliments, even if they don't always turn out the way you would expect.

Girl: Mrs. Anderson you smell good

Me: Thanks I just put on some lotion

Girl: What kind?

Me: It's called Squeeze

Girl: You smell like.....like.....butterflies and rainbows!

Today a girl was trying to give me a compliment on my outfit. I wore my awesome blue corduroy half-sleeve blazer, with a brown undershirt that has lace on the bottom, and khakis. The khakis that have lost both buttons on the back pockets, and as of last week, the last remaining button on the front, the one that had already been replaced once. I didn't have any other pants that would work with the jacket so I wore them anyways. Buttonless. With a belt and a safety pin. This is what happens when you make fashion choices before covering someone's A-hour. I should really just buy some new pants. But now we're old friends. Anyways, I would post a picture but I'm too lazy to hunt down my husband to take one. And I realized I had blogged about the amazing blazer when I first convinced it to come home from the thrift store. Then I realized I couldn't link to it because it is now in the forbidden archives of the blog before I donned the cloak of anonymity.


Anyways, it's not an alluring outfit by any means.

Girl: Mrs. Anderson, I like your outfit. It's very.....I for got the word. Its starts with an S.

Me: ( in my head) Ummm, it's probably the jacket, Scholarly?

Girl: No....that's not it.

Me: Can you think of some synonyms?

Girl: It's like scholarly, but different.

I start walking away

Boy: to the girl, trying to come up with adjectives that start with S and not actively trying to be a perv, Sexy?

Me: in my head BLEEAAHHHAHHA! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO HANDLE THIS? Wait, I'm far enough away and he said it quiet enough. I'm just going to ignore it and pretend I didn't hear.

Girl: Rolls eyes No. Not that. Oh I know. You look very sophisticated.

I give her props for using a five syllable word, but 'pretty' would have saved me my daily portion of awkward.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I miss him

I delved into my old e-mail address from jr high and high school. I found dozens of emails me and Jamie wrote when he was in the Navy. I feel like I'm "supposed" to be over grieving but I still search out pieces of him. I like this email because it makes my sadness feel justified because he felt as close to me as I felt to him.

That probably doesn't make sense, but really, it doesn't have to.

Family, this is for you.

...Life is good though, all things
considered. I miss you and the rest of your family.
I'm assuming Alicia is back home now, but I haven't
heard from her, so that's all I can really do.
I can't wait to go back and see everyone. See how
much your house has changed. It's funny, your home
is kinda symbolic of how much things have changed with
time. With your 1442 N. Spring, I can see the changes.
I can see the growth and improvement. Can't really
see the faults, but you guys don't have many anyways.
However, all those people who live there, their
change is a lot harder to see. I still see you as
Al's kid sister going to Kino with her agenda. That
is how my mind still see's you that is. It's the same
with all your siblings. Keith and Todd still go to WW
and play football. Elena is still in Elementary
school! Now, those are just easily understood ranks in
childhood, but you as individual people are at that same
level. Sure you've grown a bit in my mind, but more or less,
that's where you've been. I know you are all grown
up now,but for some reason I just can't see it. So
in a way, your house and it's evolution reminds me
of how you guys have all moved onward and upward.
I know it sounds silly, but that is my biggest reminder.
I can see it when your mom writes me or tells me
what your dad's doing in the back yard or what she's
doing in the garden. I can... in a way, know that you
and your brothers and sisters are no longer at those
stations in life my mind remembers you at. Sorry,
I'm not exactly sure where that came from. Anyhow,
I hope you're doing fantastic and you're settling in
well. I miss you Geevz! Have a great time and do
good in school (like I need to remind ya).


P.S. I'm also proud of you for taking that huge
stride and leaving home to go to school. For most
people it's easy, but it isn't very easy to leave
the home you Castillo's built. I may not be a
Castillo, but I know how hard for me it was to
leave your home. I can't fathom what it must be
like for you. Well, all that and you're not being
bums like your older siblings. I'm partially joking
and saying that in a lighthearted manner, so don't
go telling the I said that.
Holla back.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Science Teacher Rule #25

There are many different uses for a worksheet

1) Rub it repeatedly over your heavily gelled spikes because it makes an interesting noise

2) Try to balance it on your nose

3) Inhale its scent deeply then pass it to your neighbor so they sniff it deeply and pass it to their neighbor like it is a peyote pipe.

It would be a complete waste to actually write on the paper.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Science Teacher Rule #84

Shoes are very easy to misplace. Even the ones you are wearing.

Last month I had a kid get a call slip to the office to go "pick up shoes." I look down and realize he only had one shoe on. I asked where the other one was and he calmly replied, "On the roof. But I guess they got it down."

*eyebrow raise*

Today I get out of my car in the parking lot and see this.


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