Friday, March 1, 2013


When J had croup and we were on quarantine, I let her watch as much TV as she wanted. And by TV, I mean netflix. With boundless options, she chose the same few episodes of Wallace and Gromit  over and over and over and over again. She refers to it as "Doggie Movie"

So when I found this crochet pattern I had to make it.

When I gave it to her the next morning, her face lit up. In her sweet toddler English she said, "It's cute. It's cute Mommy. It's cute."

I asked her who it was and was delighted to hear, "Doggie." Very validating that she could figure out who he was.


Katie said...

I love it when they appreciate our thoughtfulness!

Elena said...

Uh, you're awesome. And I love J. Thanks for blogging.

jeanene c said...

She got it just right. It is really cute, and so fun to see her too.


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