Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hana's party

Apparently I've been a little invitation obsessed lately. Here is one I made for a girl in my church group. She was bummed because her mom was going to be in Japan for two months and miss her birthday. So I threw a  bday party for her.

By her request we decorated cupcakes and painted nails. Easy peasy. Of course to make it an event for an 11 year old,  I added a couple fun details like heart shaped ice cream scoops, blue lemonade with stickers (I recently bought sticker paper and have been having almost as much fun as J), and fun favors. It's about as low key a party as I'm capable of throwing.

And $2 a person at target bought nail polish and pedicure kits. I swear usually spend about that much on candy so I thought this was way cooler.

If you or someone you know would like a customized copy of that invitation, you are welcome to it.. We printed it on cardstock and cut out the edges to make it a bit more fun, but it works just as well as an emailed picture.


Lauren Opie said...

You are so awesome! What a nice leader you are. Seriously that was so sweet of you. I'm sure they all had a blast.

Katie said...

You are wonderful. End of story.

jeanene c said...

You are touching hearts and lives.


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