Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St Patty's Party

Here's some pics from our epic St. Patty's party.

Some decorations are just easier to buy than make

Of course we had all green food. And past experience has taught me young kids prefer to eat green food that is naturally green.

The quesadillas are shamrock shaped even though they aren't green. We had spinach salad for the moms with pepperjack quesadillas.

The moms also got treat bags full of good candy while the kids got the cheap kind as part of one of the games.

We also made up some fruit smoothies with spinach to drink out of the fancy straws.

Check out the amazing cake my Big Sis made! She just put the clover cookie cutter on top of the cake and dabbed food coloring mixed with milk on it. Super easy for the cute factor.

Of course the best surprise was cutting into it. Ombre layers!

We also had some party hats. Best dollar store investment ever.

As part of the festivities we covered the kids in temporary tattoos.

Then we played Kiss the Blarney Stone. This is my adaptation of pin the tail on the donkey, where you could choose lip gloss or not, then to be spun around and aim or to try and kiss the rock upside down.

Upside down was the most popular.

Then we made a Leprechaun Trap. I was folding laundry while watching a bunch of kids and decided a king size sheet worked like those parachutes we had in PE growing up. It was a hit so we gave it a St. Patty's Day make over with paper shamrocks on the top of it that we had to shake to lure the leprechauns. Then we had to duck under the sheet all together to see if we caught any.

Our last game was a version of an easter egg hunt but instead we were hunting for those gold wrapped toffees you can buy in bulk.

Patiently waiting while the gold was hid


It turned out so much fun and thanks for all the cousins for coming!


Alicia W said...

Magical! Your pictures are lovely! It seriously was fun. We make a great team.

Elena said...

The pic of Ellie and J pretty much melted my heart. What was this about a bloodly brawl I heard about?

jeanene c said...

I am starting to feel left out. Kissing the blarney stone and a leprechaun trap! Wonderful. What a riot. How do you have the energy for these things. Those cousins are going to be the best friends ever. Thanks for doing all this work to connect these families.

jeanene c said...

Oh, and THANK YOU for all the photos. I can't believe how much those kids have grown in such a short time. You capture them so beautifully. I LOVE you.


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