Thursday, December 15, 2016


M3 loves the fireplace

I found the sweetest note under the tree from J

I finally got to go to a swanky corporate holiday party! I've been waiting years for this and have kept a cocktail dress on standby. It was New Orleans themed and so much fun. I really enjoyed all of Husband's coworkers.

Lil' Sis and I went down for a sister's weekend. It was a whirlwind 36 hours but we had a blast! We saw Moana, ate all the sushi, shopped and tried on formal dresses at Ross, colored our hair and ate junk food while watching Gilmore girls. It was exhausting and wonderful. We even had 2nd Thanksgiving with my mom.

Jace was holding M3's hand in the backseat and it was adorable.

I made over sized christmas lights from pinterest. My sweet parents found green solo cups for me.

Madre and Padre Dos came up to visit and we explored the Audubon path at Marymoor park. It has off leash trails and I was delighted to visit with so many dogs.

No trip to Woodinville is complete without a trip to Molbaks. It's a plant nursery, but has a pet boutique and shoe store and clothing and candles and hospitality stations and a cafe and gift wrapping for plants. I like to say it's more of an experience than a store. And they go ALLL out for Christmas.

We also went out to breakfast and this little elf charmed everyone.

Husband's work had a big gingerbread house party. This photobooth picture turned out so well, I would have totally used it as a christmas card pic. Next year, we'll coordinate clothing.

Grammy and PopPop also sent up a gingerbread kit. I didn't plan on making it that day but M was determined that we not wait. He brought me elmer's glue to open and when I asked what he was glueing, he told me the gingerbread house and had opened the kit and was trying to put it together. At that point I knew I had better make some royal icing because this kid wasn't going to be deterred.

I went a bit fancier on the 2nd one because I wasn't trying to corral 3 kids in public at dinner time.

I let M3 hold the wooden spoon with the frosting.

We got 2 inches of snow! I forgot how much I like reasonable amounts of snow. I also think my house looks like a gingerbread house :)

If you were wondering if M tested the ice on top of the pond, you would be correct.

He also found a creative solution to the rule, "We only eat at the table."

This kid is SO excited about Santa. 3 is a very fun year for Christmas and he loved chatting with Santa at the ward party.

The suspenders! And look at him sitting all by himself!

I took the kids to the nativity display in Bellevue and they did really great! M even pointed out to several people that the signs said don't touch.

The Christ room depicting scenes from the Savior's life was well done.

They even set up the baptismal font like a sepulcher.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


I've become really bad at taking pictures of adventures when we have people visiting. I think I'm too busy trying contain the children or enjoying the company. So I have no pictures of my cousin Michael when he and his family came to visit. But I have pictures of Stephanie and the kids! They came for veteran's day weekend and we went to the Seattle children's museum.

M was having a tantrum and I found him like this a few minutes later.

J was proud to reach the top of this

Babies in bow ties!

And R2D2 outfits

I lucked out and BOTH boys were napping! It was so exciting.

The baby wants to eat everything, even the furniture.

I made a new table! And by me, I mean mostly my brother-in-law Aaron, but I did help.

Cheryl the Great, Scott, Dallen, and Julie came to visit for a weekend and we loved seeing them! We went on the Great Wheel and Wings over Washington. M had been begging for that Ferris wheel since we lived downtown.

We also joined then for a tour of facebook. There is a jacuzzi ball pit that M3 loved.

And the upside down cafe

I marbleized a pegboard in a tobaggan for my kitchen.

"A hat like PopPop's!"

I love my baby panda.

He helps me do laundry.

Grammy and PopPop came up for Thanksgiving. Wore M out.

I made a cheese board and have to have a cheat sheet for what kind they are.

I splurged and bought the thanksgiving jammies. The turkey hat!

It was a perfect thanksgiving

 We made the turkey hats J always did in preschool

There are a ton of these pics in my childhood scrapbooks and now I totally get all the cousin pictures.

We went to the train park by Sissy's house

J made lips out of grapes and it was hilarious.

We went to our first Christmas tree farm and bought my first real christmas tree as an adult.

My parents treated us to breakfast in Duvall right before.

I have a holly bush in my yard so I made wreaths with my mom.

"What's this cactus called?"


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