Back in the beginnings of this blog, I would post funny anecdotal bits of teaching junior high in the form of Science Teacher Rules. The first went a little something like this:

Science Teacher Rule # 33
You cannot attempt to draw rockets or buoys in front of a 14-year-old audience

My students were an endless source of entertainment. But alas, being home with the munchkin led to a sort of existential crisis ("How will I ever be funny or entertaining again?!!). And since no one bothered to give me the rule book on parenting (or the instruction manual for that matter. I swear my mom has a copy she just isn't sharing. Probably to spite me for all I did to her in my angelic formative years), Parenthood Rule # whatever just didn't seem like a good fit. However I did find that motherhood changed the meaning of several words. Pair that with the my husband's life changing revelation to me that I can just type define:anything into google and it will define it for you.

Boom! Definitions was born.

Check out the list of tags to the right and enjoy!

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