Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mystery Plant

I thought my tomato plant just had some brighter colored leaves. Now I can't decide if this is a weed who took advantage of the tomato's water and shade or if it is something resilient that survived my dog's replanting of the first garden. What do you all think?

I'm leaning towards weed, but it just doesn't seem malicious enough to be a desert weed. Desert weeds always seem to have some sort of bite.

In other garden excitement, remember these guys?

About a day later they were kindly relieved from their leaves. Now I can't decide who to blame. Ada has left the garden alone for the most part, but she is a devious creature. I don't put it past her ability to carefully remove 1inch leaves one by one if the fancy took her. Or do you think a little bunny wandered off the golf course? Then there are our six legged friends to take into account as well.

I was so proud of the solitary plant that managed to keep on fighting despite its balding state. Then the criminal herbivore struck again, successfully navigating my tomato cage barrier
We'll just have to see how tough this little plant really is.

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