Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Outside adventures

So a few weeks back many parts of the valley had snow. Not my house, but you can see it on the mountains from my backyard.

Lately though, we've had the weather people suffer through the summers for, days that look like this.

I'm still whining because I wanted more days of cold weather but J is having a blast. I'm not asking for a New England or Minnesota winter, but I'd happily take a Flagstaff or Denver one. J is having a blast though. I love sending her outside and trying to figure out what game is happening in her head.

This day I'm pretty sure she was getting in her car and going to work. It was followed by lots of  "bye bye! See ya! Have a good day!"

Then there was lots of jumping and exploring going on here. Maybe there was bug eating I didn't catch as I sneakily observed the toddler in her natural environment.

She notices she is being watched.

Then waits nonchalantly for her moment...

Then she attacks! Howling her war cry while she charges.

This day she was playing in the wind after berating her puppy. The puppy's infraction led to banishment and a finger pointing, "Outside!" She may have heard this phrase several times...



Alicia W said...

Magical! You crocodile hunter, you.

jeanene c said...

We need thought translators, I think... though maybe it is better that we don't know what they are really thinking.

Katie said...

I love to watch them mimic things we do. She is honestly too cute.

Elena said...

The boots! I can't get over the cuteness. And your captions rocked :)


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