Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mustard and Carrots

For all the grief she gave me with eating her first year of life, J has turned into a wonderful little eater. She doesn't usually eat a ton, but she tries everything and legitimately enjoys vegetables. This week she saw me putting mustard on fish (dude, rub it on tilapia, then dip the fish in  bread crumbs with parm cheese and pan fry it in a bit of oil. Heaven for dinner in about 15 minutes) and wanted to try the mustard.

She didn't vocalize this fact, but started to touch the raw fish and lick her fingers repeatedly. So I gave her a little plate of mustard to try and prevent food poisoning while I finished dinner. She was downing it so I thought I'd try and teach her the true meaning of a condiment by dipping carrots in mustard.

This resulted in one mouthful of masticated carrot on her plate while the other carrot was used in fun dip fashion.

1 comment:

jeanene c said...

Not her grandpa's baby in this phase. She is still adorable, though.


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