Thursday, January 12, 2017


On Christmas Eve I told M which presents we were going to open that night and he was just so excited, I found this opened downstairs.

I took a very sweet video as they came out to see the bounty. M was so sleepy and confused it took him a minute to register what was happening. J was excited about her santa gift and stocking, then immediately wanted M3 to open the present she had bought for him. Such a generous little soul. M was so excited about every single gift.


When I was a kid, we always staged all of our gifts for a picture and I get a kick out of seeing those photos now. It's fun to see what was exciting to me each year so I'm making my kids do it too.

I got a big fancy miter saw for christmas and the coolest stand to hold it! I can't wait to use it.

Here we are in our Sunday best! I love 1 hour church!

This baby got the jumperoo out of the garage for his gift. He was delighted with the wrapping paper the most.

 J wanted rollerskates and just charmed me skating around the house in them all week.

Random bits of December

"If you wait too long, mini wheats get foggy." His face says it all. I loved that he said foggy instead of soggy because it definitely applies.

Made a choose your own gift card card for J's teacher.

This was J's choice for crazy hat day

I had a clever idea for our Christmas card.

J blew me away with this robin she painted. Madre Dos taught her how to identify different birds and she told me this bird was a robin because it had white eye liner. She left negative space and gave it white eye liner.

Husband and I went to see the Rogue 1 and went to a yummy ramen shop afterwards.

A wiseman was throwing pokeballs

I made some Firefly hats for my cousin.

I made this birdseed cakes for Madre Dos's bday (You might be able to see the J in the wire). M called it a bird pie and I laughed.

 I made a bunch of these to hang on a tree like ornaments.

I finally have a mantle so I made stocking holders! But I use the fireplace every day so I can't have them blocking the doors. They work on the stairwell too.

Noriaki sent the kids a package from Japan with chopstick trainers and a pokemon themed chopstick training game. He's the best.

J impressed me again after we dogsat this dude. (He was wearing a red sweater the day he came over)


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