Friday, March 22, 2013

DIY defeat

I kind of consider myself a bit of a DIY bad-A. I am fairly competent and a helluva youtube and google researcher. Combine that with some false confidence and you can get through most things. After having the misfortune of stepping on some rusty cracks in our bathtub and creating a lovely hole mid shampoo lather one October morning, we've been in the process of remodeling our bathroom. (The ONE time I use that shower because we had guests over. The ONE time! No cuts happily, but moments like this reaffirm my belief in tetanus shots.)

I started ripping out the shower tile myself and the hubby finished it. I did all the demo of the floor tile with my trusty sledge hammer. Tearing out the vanity was a team effort. We paid our plumber friend to rip out and install a new bathtub and toilet, along with the backboard because I do know I have DIY limits.

And while all of this took us around five months due to very busy weekend schedules and an active toddler, I was determined to have a working bathroom when my Japanese friend Noriaki came to visit. Nothing says make yourself at home like three adults sharing a bathroom with a potty training toddler. Or the relocated toilet in the hallway.


So I bit the bullet and tried my hand at tiling. Can't be that hard right?

Friends, I failed miserably.

After three hours of final prep work and three hours attempting to tile I admitted defeat. I may have shed a tear or two in frustration. I didn't know the magic consistency of the thinset or which steps could be fudged and which needed to by strictly followed.

I do think I could have done it if I had a mentor to show me a few tips or even someone else there to bounce some ideas off of. It probably didn't help being in my third trimester of pregnancy either. But I was determined and the good Lord loves me because he sent a fellow named Manuel who was willing to come the next day, tear out my misguided attempt and finish it all in a day and a half. Add in the handiest brother-in-law ever to handle the last plumbing tasks and I had my bathroom usable by my weekend deadline.

Best money spent ever. Especially because it was tax return money so it doesn't even count right?  More progress happened in a week than we managed in five months. It looks fantastic and I can't wait to show you the final product once I get the new light fixture in and the vanity mirror up.


Marilyn said...

At least you tried! That's more than most moms can say! I look forward to the after pics. I love a good before and after!

jeanene c said...

Yea for Manuel. You have courage and you will surely have it down pat next time a bathtub malfunction... occurs.

Merkley Jiating said...

I totally agree with Marilyn! I wouldn't have even tried so you are already more successful than me! I have loved seeing your party posts. It makes me feel like less of a lunatic for doing the same thing for birthdays. I love over the top parties!

Lianna said...

I am just impressed you even jumped into that hoop of kneeling, then standing, then bending, then standing, then squatting, then standing in your third trimester! And I'm also impressed you wielded a sledge hammer. And, I think Arizona is too far away from Illinois.


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