Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Life Lately

And by lately, I mean over the last two months. I'm on a bloggin binge, what can I say?

He wanted to wear Daddy's shirt to bed

I took an archery class with my mum. Tons of fun!

M got a new helmet.

All the trolls were given names.

M made a "rocketship"

He also demanded popcorn after church and wanted to eat it alone outside. Funny kid.

J made a house with a ramp for people with wheelchairs.

Big Sis bought this fun ball

 J wanted to make this treat from the Friend magazine. I think we did pretty good.

"Take a picture of me!" I must comply.

I redecorated the bathroom and I love how this plant turned out. The adorable elephant gets played with daily.

J made a house she was proud of for her pegasus

Complete with a table set for tea.

A guy at church came up with this way to fill the sacrament cups after being a member for only a month. The pipe has little holes drilled into it and I think it's fantastic.

J wanted a picture of the bow in her hair.

We got free doughnuts for Talk Like A Pirate Day. M's "ARR Matey" has made me watch the video on repeat.

I took a welding class and I'm hooked!

J and her cousins made cookies with Grammy

"Look mom, this is the picture is on Grandma's car." She is absolutely right and blows me away with what she notices.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The quest for granny hair

I wanted to try the granny hair trend, because I like weird things. Google it, I promise it is a thing. I decided to go to school because every time I ask a typical stylist for something odd, they annoy me my trying to talk me out of it. Then they are so surprised that it turns out well. When I go to schools, their eyes light up and they get excited to try whatever I ask for. I just know it will take twice as long as elsewhere, but usually the results are the same quality. I chose the Aveda Institute because I figured it would be a little higher quality.

It was a really swanky place that gave me a smoothie as soon as I walked in the door. The student wasn't sure how to do it so some instructors took over. Here is what I showed them I wanted.

I knew I was going to thrash my hair and that it would have to go super white to get there. I figured it was going well at the half way point when it looked like this.

They asked if I would be ok with hair that was a little blue for a couple days so it would fade to what I wanted. I said sure, thinking it was going to be like this. I know how colors fade fast and it made sense.

Well it didn't end up that way. I think maybe the instructor was going for the gunmetal look, something like this?

Instead, I went home like this.

Nice right?

Needless to say I made an appointment to get it fixed before I left the salon. The next instructor, the color expert, wasn't willing to lighten my hair as much as it required to get there and I was a little hesitant to push it because of the last experience. So I went back to a basic blonde. I mean it was better than this look.

A friend of mind took one look at my weird blue green hair and voluteered to fix it. So as soon as my roots grew out I decided to chase after my grey whale one more time. I left like this, with her telling me my hair was white. She was also very happy my hair didn't fall out completely or break of by my scalp. Always encouraging to hear :)

I didn't think it was white, just a pretty blonde. Either way, it still wasn't the grey hair I was looking for. We were out of time and she said if I wanted to come back we'd try a different toner. The next time, 4 different toners later with ever stylist in the salon consulting, I ended up with this.

Not bad, but unfortunately temporary. It rinses out with every shower and is a pain to put in so I'm abandoing the quest. I just figured I should document the interesting shades in between so I can pull it up to make people feel better about their own bad hair cuts. That and make my children laugh.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Crochet Blessing dress

When my friends are pregnant, I ask what I can crochet for their new babies. One asked for help making a baby blessing dress and sent me a picture of what she was thinking. There was no pattern so I sort of made it up. Then I had to finish it and make some accessories because I have a problem with going a little over the top.

She loved it and I was so proud of it I had to send pictures to everyone I knew. I was also pleased with how the cockerspaniel hat turned out. My friend wanted a dog hat but when I searched for a pattern this ridiculously awesome German Shepard  hat popped up. My friend has 4 cockerspaniels so I decided I could make a hat that looked like her pups using a loop stitch.

She loved it so much that I'm making adult size ones for her and her husband :)

Around the corner I found...

Oh J and M, how exciting you make life! It's easy to get frustrated with the messes, but I decided to find some humor in it and just start taking pictures of the weird stuff I find when I walk around the corner. For instance, the entire contents of Quirkle

Here is is again, this time on my bed. I get it, the block have a nice weight, excellent colors and graphic designs. They are wonderful for preschool sorting games, but I'm so tired of making the kids clean them up and finding random blocks everywhere. 

Then there was the slew of Easter eggs and Easter decals.

And a different kind of eggs. M wanted to eat another boiled egg. I had a bowl out where I collected shells. Apparently M scavenged another egg on his own. At least is ended up in bowl.


M has also discovered how to push a chair to the freezer, get out chocolate chips, then use scissors to open the bags. This is the third occasion I found this.

Then there is the time he found the giant bag of chopsticks, opened up and broke apart them apart and then decided they needed to go into the blender.

There was also time the red ball of yarn disappeared.

Or the time they decided to cover me with blankets, pillows, and ponies.

Another day I investigated the sound of a faucet running to find this. That is an empty container of garlic salt from the toy kitchen.

I went to bed one night to this dog house hiding by my pillow

I discovered the hard way that the chair legs were filled with chocolate chips.

These are the caps from the toilet seat sitting on my living room chairs.

I took a shower and J yelled through the door to ask if she could have a chocolate granola bar. She wanted me to open it so she slip it underneath.

M though yogurt in bed seemed like a good idea.

Maybe the pompoms needed cleaning?

Until the next adventure!


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