Monday, September 26, 2016

Temporary Life Downtown

The food! I was constantly torn between the need to enjoy the opportunity to the fullest and not spend But Korean fusion noodle bowls! I needed it.

M became Edward Scissorhands at the little art station in Westlake plaza.

I had a blast seeing my friend Lauren who stayed with us before and after her marathon in Vancouver. She's pretty much my hero.

I love the signs at Pike Place

More of the world need to know these exist.

By far the smiliest baby I've had.

And the best sleeper.

We finally experience Seattle Public Library.

The architecture is really impressive.

Um, this face is awesome.

Don't be fooled, this was taken before she tried the blood orange ginger beer.

This is the best greek yogurt you will have in your life and is across from the pig at Pike Place. marionberry pie shown here. Mmmm.

We stopped by the gum alley. Not for long though because I don't trust M's fingers with interesting textures.

We walked to freeway park and a security guard ran to stop us when he saw us going down the stairs. Apparently lots of drugs and defecating happen down at the bottom. I felt weird and embarrassed after. And sad, because this is a beautiful structure that was designed to be experienced and no longer can be.

J made our family out of Duplos

This one is M3

Who also has more hair than either of his siblings did.

I accidentally coordinated the boys outfits.


This is the current winner for strange places this kid has fallen asleep.

We took the monorail to Seattle Center and played at the splash pad. M LOVES the train.

M loves the Space Needle, because there is a Little Einstein's episode.

M: "I'm not saying cheese. I say SPACE NEEDLE!" SPACE NEEDLE!"

I didn't want M3 sunburned so I rigged this little shade between backpacks. Another train rider was impressed I had all three kids solo without even a diaper bag. I pointed out my pack mules carrying their own gear and felt smug.

Until M3 pooped MY pants a short while later as the kid played on the massive art installation playground.

The next time I brought this and never had so many comments of "Smart Mom!" before.

I also bought a membership to the children's museum down there because it is so fun and two visits made it worth it. Lil' Sis met us there.

They are too young to understand my hilarious Jonah jokes.

Even the captain wouldn't let me call him Ahab.

Husband had a big work party at Gasworks Park and my sister watched the kids for us so we could have a much needed date night.

It was themed Fauxchella and you could get your hair braided and make flower crowns. We just got blinging tatoos.

And ate food because, hello, that's what I live for and now I live in a foodie city. This is the biggest gingersnap cream pie ever seen next to a fruity pebble macaron.

 One perk of a Facebook sponsored party is that you don't feel stupid snapping pictures of the whole thing. It's encouraged! If you are hanging out with coworkers after hours and post a picture to the company page, the company actually reimburses the cost of the activity up to $20 a person. It's pretty much pick your own team building activity anytime, anywhere. They had this photo booth van at the party and with the sunset behind it? Instagram was made for this.

This kid in a small apartment is exhausting. He's unstoppable.

J and I went on a little date to pick up some yummy burgers. I gave her my phone to snap some pictures. It went for a swim in a toilet as I was trying to help M go to the bathroom while baby wearing M3 and fell out of my pocket. In a public restroom. My life is not all roses, I promise. God loves me and it ended up recovering completely with a few days in rice so perhaps roses it is. All my pictures had lovely fog filter for the week afterwards.

M fell asleep. In the middle of everything. Again.

He is still unstoppable but easier to contain in this lovely house! This is my front yard and my deck

Again, he still passes out in the strangest places.

He found this dead "mouse." At first I thought it was a dead platypus because of that weird snout thing. The internet informed me it was a shrew. I wasn't wearing my big girl pants at that moment so I just left it. Nature took care of it for me.

My AMAZING parents came up and unpacked my entire house for me. They took away so much stress for me and really helped us get settled.

These two decided to do the dishes and emptied half a bottle of dishsoap into the sink. I figured the damage was already done so they might as well enjoy it.

I was doing some yoga and J had PERFECT form until I snapped the picture. I know, is it really yoga if you stop to take a picture? Meh.

This kiddo is so cheerful and has my brown eyes! I adore the blue eyes because I always wanted something more interesting than my brown colors. But brown eyes on this little one, I just can't get enough of them either.

He really is a gift.

This is ending up being the world's longest post, but if I spent the time breaking it up, I'd never get around to posting about any of it. This ends August though! On to September!


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