Monday, February 8, 2016

Gender reveal

Gender reveal parties have sort of become a thing in the last couple years and I loe a good reason to have a party. When I was scheduling my ultrasound the secretary at my OB asked if I was going to find out the gender. I told her yes and that a gender reveal sounded fun but it also sounded like work and I have no energy for work. Then she told me the magic, that I didn't have to do anything but show up, a friend or family member does all the work FOR you. My eyes brightened and I realized if we did it this way then my hubby didn't have to take a day off work to come to the ultrasound and we could give this 3rd baby something a little special and different. 

So I asked Big Sis if she wanted to throw the party and she emphatically said, "YES!" We almost didn't make it to our own party because 2016 dislikes me as much as Dec 2015, but thankfully we were able to coast in just in time.

She decorated cute little water bottles and everyone chose one to vote. 

 Then we opened up a box of balloons and were doused with silly string

There were also delicious cupcakes from Aunt Chris. Jace was disappointed by the news.

One the way home Husband and I had this conversation

Me: So what boys' names do like?
John: I don't know. Kilometer? We could have a theme.
Me: What?
John: Miles...
Me: Oh! Bwhaha
John: what's the next statute greater than a mile?
Me: Umm a hectare? No, that's a unit of area. But we could name him Hector#nerdlove

I posted it on facebook with the picture and it sort of exploded with a million likes and comments so baby brother's official nickname is now Kilo.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Merry Christmas!

These kiddos moved too fast to get awesome pictures.

"Mickee Mowsh!"

A big girl bed!

Paw Patrol and Shopkins water bottles

Band-aids! Because the FSA money hadn't been spent yet...

Paw Patrol cars!

My Little Ponies Twilight Sparkle Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Playset (The name made me laugh)

You can't even tell how sick and miserable Husband and I felt! I should have also snapped a picture of my fancy new trash can and the new Mindy Kahling book Husband surprised me with. I gave husband a quad copter that didn't actually arrive despite me ordering it mid November. It wasn't even stolen off my doorstep like my sister's gift and my much needed continuing education book. You know, because Dec 2015 hates me. But the kids had a great Christmas and that's what matters.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

That time we did a Christmasy thing that I forgot about

My friend Rachel was singing at a nativity display. Our friend Diane isn't Mormon but was also going so we went. Diane and I both thought it was an outdoor living nativity thing but it ended up being a elaborately decorated church displaying hundreds of nativity scenes with a very formal concert happening in the chapel. Not something I would bring my active children to because it almost gave me a nervous breakdown trying to keep them from touching and destroying things. And the futile attempt to keep them quiet during the concert. It was stunning though and the music I could hear from the foyer was top notch. 

I almost typed that I was glad we went, but that is probably a lie. I just asked J is she remembered this and showed her the pictures. She just went "uhhhhhhhhhm."  Oh Dec 2015, may we forget you as easily as J has.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ballet Recital

Mele kalikimaka was wonderful and she was so excited for "stage day!"

If you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, she will consistently say ballet teacher.

Monday, February 1, 2016

J's Lego Unicorn Party

Before Christmas, we had a birthday party. I felt a little bad because J had been cruising pinterest since November dreaming about what kind of party she wanted. She changed her mind several times but committed to a lego unicorn party. I figured, why not? Then the evils of December happened. I only got about 6 of the super cute invitations made (no pictures) and ended up just text messaging invites to the rest of her friends. Then I find out that the cute invites that were finished five minutes before picking J up from preschool didn't have the last digit of my number on them. Oops. Probably why only one preschool friend ended up coming :)

It still turned out pretty cute even though I'm fairly certain I threw up a couple times that morning. Not my best work, but who the heck cares! We had marshmallow lego heads, lego brick juice boxes, and lego candies in bags fastened by lego barrettes (those were made before December happened).

 I don't know how it happens but her parties are always really mellow despite 15 or so kids. They colored lego guys as everyone started arriving.

We had a pinata and I'm still on a four year streak of no one crying or getting hit with the bat.

We frosted sugar cone unicorn horns and they were a hit.

Cousin Lyla

Brinley G, Lyla P
Aiyanna M  and Selene P

Penny B and Riley Z

BFF cousin Ellie

Cousin Kenzie

Miles and Kaleb

Pin the tail in some variation is always a hit. Always. Especially when you can steal back drops from other people's parties and not have to spend a dime on it.

A little curling ribbon was perfect.

We made ice cream cinder cake with some oreos on the top for the legos.

It's important to me that December birthdays get all the fuss they would in a different month. Pair that with my inability to leave anyone out of invitations and this girl makes out like a bandit between her birthday and Christmas.

Happy birthday to the best little girl! 5 has been your best year so far.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hello again

Well December was rough. Heavier on the awful than I'm used to. The kids had coughs and colds. Husband got bronchitis. Then I got bronchitis. Of course I didn't get to take the good drugs because I'm pregnant and a good cough made me throw up. Then the ridiculous amount of coughing damaged my ribs and made it so painful to breathe that I was worried about getting pneumonia with my half breaths. A good sneeze made me feel like passing out. Seriously folks, the cough has been gone for awhile now and my rib still feels like someone is trying to make me a helpmeet. Oh and I tested positive for strep B and had a second round of antibiotics immediately after the zpac. And then J got the stomach flu. Then round 2, both kids got the stomach flu a few days later. Thankfully J can now puke in the toilet! M can puke on the 12in of carpet not covered by towels and in the crevices of the recliner. After destroying our New Year's Eve plans, I was happy it cleared up in time for our Denver trip (which was lots of fun and will have pictures posted. Eventually.)

I left my positive attitude somewhere around Dec 5th 2015 and it has yet to return. The neighbors did not get treats. We did not see the temple lights. We did not see Santa at Bass Pro. We made no cookies, not even for jolly old St. Nick. We adopted no families. We barely made it to one Christmas party. I'm just going to forget this season ever happened.

Now I have very mild placenta previa and have been ordered rest and no exercise. I negotiated with my doctor to still teach my yoga classes, but I am now 6 days without getting a solid sweat going.  How do people get anything done without the energy boost from exercise?! Without it, pregnancy fatigue is twice as bad. And cutting my classes also means cutting my money.

The struggle is real my friends!

Let's see what pictures I actually took that can misrepresent the month and put it in a cheery glow.

My sister made sugar cookies with the kids while I complained on her couch for 5 hours.

Grammy babysat and made a really cute gingerbread house with my kids.

Birthday presents from Aunt Chris were very well loved.

 One day I found her like this.

I made an ewok scoodie for my secret sister gift exchange

J rocked her part in the preschool program

We road the mini train by my inlaw's house. M had his mind blown.

I colored my hair "dark golden brown"

We still made the most amazing Bo Ssam even though the party never happened. Seriously, make this recipe.

Now time to sort through the fancy camera pictures and look for some Christmas morning magic.


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