Monday, May 16, 2016


For Christmas I got a groupon for a glassblowing class for my parents. We finally scheduled it and had a great time. They do most of the work for you but it still fun and the flowers turned out beautiful.

 I kept wanting to move the torch around like you do when soldering metals for jewelry, but you actually want to hold it still so it can get hot and melt the rough edges. Old habits die hard.

Husband was a pro

Mum had fun too.

 You have to wear these awesome sunglasses to look in the kiln.

Pops made them laugh because he wanted to make the petals perfectly symmetrical.

 We went to Welcome Chicken and Donuts after because it is delicious and my dad can appreciate an excellent donut, although this place is more about the interesting donuts like honeycomb and lavendar than a classic fritter.

It was a really fun adventure and I highly recommend Circle 6 studios if you ever get the chance.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Life in April

 This kid thinks he's done with naps but really just passes out anywhere when 5pm hits. I can't help but take pictures of it.

Potty training has been a long process, but we're finally getting some consistency. He was very proud of earning the Spiderman toy that had been staring at him for weeks. And he loves his superman pjs enough to wear them all day long.

The blueberry bush that I was certain I would kill actually produced blueberries! And the kids didn't pick them prematurely!

The kids are obsessed with harvesting the garden. That means I found three radishes stuck in the freezer of all places. But since I don't really like to eat radishes, meh.

The local high school hosts a traveling carnival as a fund raiser and J looks forward to it every year. Since I'm preggo, Husband got to squish into the rides.

This seems the like the dumbest ride, but they both insisted. I suppose the appeal is ringing the most obnoxious bell over and over. At least they can ride it by themselves.

Again, fell asleep. ON ME! This never happens.

The boys were a little worn out.

We had a great time at my cousins concert. They were dancing it up.

Husband asked what I was going to eat for breakfast and I told him a bagel. Then he saw my sad diabetic bagel thin and started cackling. "That is NOT a bagel"

M decided to make some food by dumping a bunch of tomatoes in cold oil.

Three hours of swimming. Impossible prevent sunburn, impossible to stay awake.

Tank and Jake moved to Texas and we had one final playdate at the park. All the kids just sat on the bench spontaneously and it was pretty adorable.

I had to laugh at this tank. Not pregnant from the front,

then boom VERY pregnant.

J was adorable in her last ballet class of the session. She's really improved over the two years.

"Mom. I have something to show you when you are done going to the bathroom. You are going to love it!" She's right. I thought it was adorable.

M has started more imaginative play and I wish I could understand what this game involved.

I can't help myself! It's always the most random of places.

This girl has mastered riding a two wheel and her cousin gave her a bike she outgrew. I love watching her confidence grow.

I made some little science crochet guys at a friend's request. I asked J what the blue looked like and she said a pitcher so I'm going to count it.

We went to Pump It Up, the bouncy house place, and the kids decided to link arms walking back to the car. I just love them.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Life Lately in March

Most of these ended up on instagram because that's where I post the most pictures these days. You might have seen them but since most of my family doesn't do instagram here they are again!

M was chilling like a boss in the pile of clean clothes, eating peanut butter without wearing pants. Ain't that the dream?

Here he is being the paw patrol OG that he is. Again, pants optionally.

 "Take a picture of me with all the puppies"

Our good friends the Coopers own a BBQ catering company and are moving to Texas this week for PA school. Justin had always had a dream of roasting a pig in the ground so as a going away present, I looked up a local pig farm and bought him a small pig. We hosted an epic going away party and they even bought a rootbeer keg for it.

I finally finished a few projects for my family room. I built these shelves out of stuff I had around.

I wanted a quirky end table and couldn't find what I wanted for a price I was willing to pay. So I took a welding class and used my friend Brian's workshop to make the legs. He even had a stump that he let me take a chunk off. 6 months later I finally got around the sanding and staining it. Now I have a fun and practically free table.

I'm getting rid of all the dark wood in my house so I sanded this table down (made by a friend 8 years ago). It looks way rustic, but surrounded by all my modern furniture it works. I promise, even my dad is a believer now.

These adorable kids were singing "Happy Easter, Happy Bunnies" as loud as the could. It's an J original song with one line repeated over and over.

I'm on a quest for nightstands and these two wanted me to take pictures of them with ever bed they saw.

Sometimes it's hard to be the little brother when all the girls want to play dress up.

I love how much these two love their PopPop

This shelf added to my closet, along with a small dresser, made all the difference! I didn't even need to spend $4000 on a custom closet. I have no made about 20 people walk into the closet to appreciate my purging and organizing work. I took a picture to brag about my productivity to my husband that day. "Look! I hung up the shelves!"

We have hit the "I don't want to nap and you can't make me!" phase but obviously someone still needs a nap and just slumps over anywhere at 4:30pm.

"This is my baby. His name is Jacob." (That is not the name of my 3rd child)

J's Sunday school teacher was able to convince J that a haircut would make her hair grow longer. Sis Kendall even offered to do the trim.

I had a couple cousins come sleep over and we went on a family bike ride. Usually I get frustrated and angry at these sorts of things because they are much harder than they should be, but this one was just a delight!

I had in my head the idea of turning our underused front room into a playroom once we were ready to switch the rooms around for baby brother. I figured we'd do it once the boys were old enough to sleep in the same room, but I got impatient looking at the front room. I called my friend Rachel and asked if she wanted to help me do something stupid. While I was a little disappointed that she wanted to know what it was before saying yes, she came over and helped me move all the furniture. Then the next day my parents surprised me with a full day of their help! Such love! They helped hang all the art work and switch the furniture in the other rooms.

Such love! My mum even hung up the 1000 crane installation on the ceiling for me. They really are the best! They took apart the crib and reassembled it, moved the office stuff, everything! And since I was hosting a relief society activity at my house that night, they set up my yard and cleaned my house. So much love!

I'm selling my helmet and M discovered it.

We went to the Spark festival and met up with my parents and Big Sis.

It was very warm, but those are Paw Patrol mittens and need to be worn everywhere.

J loves her new little cousin Evan and has been brushing up on her big sister skills. She even tried changing one of M's diapers before I was awake to take care of it. It was poopy and she was only partially successful.

Oh the peanut butter messes in our house.

This girl is still loving ballet.

She does it randomly at the park with our friends.

I'm sad that kindergarten is going to mean less of these two in our lives.

I also love that she brought me some sushi :)

Again, No NAPS!

This kid and his size 12 feet! J wears 11

I finally finished this scoodie (scarf with a hood) project. Only took me 2 years. My friend gave me a bunch of  yarn and I had thought to make one for each of her 4 girls. Nope, only one :)

We loved spoiling Reece again for a week. She was living the life!


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