Monday, March 6, 2017

What happened in February

They day after Janette left, my friend Suz came into town! She was staying with another friend further south, but we met up at the Pacific Science Center. The butterfly garden is amazing, better than any I had experienced in AZ.

This baby is so happy and LOVES food.

We had another big snow storm. The flakes were almost the size of my palm.

I launched bodyflow 75 with Karla, wearing diamonds in honor of the diamond anniversary.

The kids discovered cosmic kids yoga on you tube and did it for hours.

Even this kid joined the fun in pigeon pose. Not really, but he always props himself up in that position before I help him fix it.

Yet more snow! This time it stuck and everyone had a snow day, including Husband.

A snowball to the ear gave me a hearing aid.

We made snowcream (milk, sugar, vanilla, snow). It's a family favorite and I'm so glad college in Flagstaff introduced me to it.

Our property is SO pretty covered in white.

 When we had yet another snow day, we got some crafting on pinterest style. Shook rocks and paint in a big peanut butter jar and made toilet paper roll heart stamps.

Then we took the paint outside and painted the snow. I was a little afraid our neighbors would think a massacre occurred.

M3 ended up wearing a doll bib. Big head, skinny neck on this fella.

I finally finished the cinderella she got a kit for at her bday party.

J is part of the service club at school and they made gifts and sang at an old folks home

I felt proud of the bouquet of markers we made for her teacher. A few weeks later I went to the classroom and realized her main board is a smart board so she probably doesn't burn through white board markers like I did. But she still had some elsewhere in the room so whatever.

We made "bird pies" as M calls them for the ladies I visit teach.

I love when I come up in the mornings and find them all playing together. J leads this and I love her so much for it.

For Valentine's Day 2017, it was technically my year to plan but Husband made arrangements for the restaurant and I found the sitter so we split it. We went to The Commons for dinner and hit Purple for dessert after. Top notch creme brulee and chocolate mousse.

We went to the children's museum in Everett  with my friend Anna.

They have a really fun roof top playground. The sun did come out a little bit at the end.

We made it through about 10 minutes of the bilingual music class. M3 loved the shakers.

M's favorite part was the water area. He loved figuring out what all the handles do and how everything works.

My little Steve Jobs and his siblings went on a bike ride with me at Bothell Landing

M3 didn't love it so we didn't go very far or long

And biking up the steep bridge is pretty tricky.

I used the acupunture gift certificate Lil Sis gave me for Christmas and it was really cool. I had a pinched nerve that often acts up and they did cupping on it. It felt so good and so weird. It's the same intensity of deep tissue work but it feels like pulling instead of pushing. And the acupunture was fascinating. I had limited  lateral flexion in my neck and I showed her. Then she pushed different spots on my feet and had me do it again. It TOTALLY INCREASED MY RANGE when she pushed on the pressure point. And I don't believe in this stuff enough to a placebo effect so it was a delightful surprise. The aftermath of the cupping looks nuts. It's a hicky essentially so it doesn't hurt. at all.

This kid started crawling in earnest.

I bribed M to wear the matching bow tie. No amount of candy would convince him to actually keep it on in the church building.

Then I tagged along to San Fransisco with Husband while my mom and sister watched the kids.

I got a fancy hair cut in Palo Alto

Husband took me on a tour of the Menlo Park campus and it was amazing. One building has a 9 acre roof top garden and this was taken in a giant hammock swing. You can reserve it for group meetings.

The actual conference was in San Fran and they set Husband up with a room at the Ritz Carton, a couple blocks away from Dragon's Gate entrance to Chinatown.

I went to my first Soulcycle class and loved it. That's a solid 12 inches of sweat coming up from the bottom of the tank top if you are look closely.

I ate the most expensive sushi I've ever had. $10 for one piece of marinated tuna, but it had the texture of creme brûlée. This roll was also ridiculous but delicious. The place is one of the top in SF and doesn't even have a sign out front so you have to know where you are going, but it was really delicious.

I got an egg waffle after. Those little bubbles are filled with peanut butter.

The next day I went to the Ferry Building and ate all the foods.

Miette did have a delicious creme fraiche and homemade graham cracker ice cream sandwich, but the famous gingersnaps were disappointing.

 I had to stop as this Wells Fargo because it was the coolest one I've ever seen.

I ended up spending 5 hours in the SFMOMA. I used to think my aesthetic was mid century modern meets industrial, but now I know it is Modern Art Museum Gift Shop. Seriously, just buy me every object and book in the place.

This was a cool exhibit where you put stuff on a light table in front of you and it opens up the layer over a portrait of your face. I liked how this one turned out.

This giant X is made of scribbles!

This looks like a weaving but it's cut paper.

No picture did this exhibit justice. I literally made me gasp when I walked in to it. It's based off of soap bubble formations and spiderwebs. The scale of it is fantastic.

This by my new favorite artist. Chuck Close. He did so many amazing portraits in a variety of mediums and he's actually face blind! He doesn't recognize faces. This portrait is made of fingerprints. Seriously, zoom in and look at them.

I had to check out Tartine since it is supposedly one of the country's best bakeries. After going, I agree. I have a new winner for the best croissant I've had outside of Europe.

Bi-Rite creamery was just a block away so I tried that too. Black sesame ice cream is gross. Don't eat it and just get the cookies and cream like I did.

The kids loved their souvenirs. I sort of just picked them up at Daiso and probably could have found them in WA, but whatever.

It was an amazing trip and so much alone time has had an amazing effect on my cheerfulness weeks later.

We had even MORE snow! I kind of love it. This time I made an igloo while M gave me his design demands. It collapsed and he was very sad.

Look at these sweet surprise flowers! I can't wait to see what they end up being. I hope they are tulips or daffodils.

The snow was the PERFECT consistency for snowman, the kind that you roll a snowball downhill and it all sticks. We filled a spray bottle with food coloring and had fun dying them colors. They didn't survive to the afternoon though.

 Snow if fun, but I sure missed preschool and so did M. I think I missed it more though :)


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