Friday, March 15, 2013

Kitty collars

I was picking up after my delightful progeny the other day and found all the puzzle pieces arranged with a semblance of order, ten feet away from their proper home. Then I noticed a small collection of pilfered hair ties and realized this was an intentional tableau. I asked the artist what it all meant, but in true artistic fashion, she left me to construe my own meaning.

My money is on a collar. Or a food bowl. But why only the kitties? Thoughts?


Angela said...

The real question is what does she have against the grey mommy cat? Why no collar or food for that one?!

Geevz said...

I just asked her again and she said the hair ties were tables. That does make a bit of sense because the cats she has seen do jump on the table, but never has a dog.

Of course, she could just be making it up in typical 2 year old fashion.


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