Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hello again

Well December was rough. Heavier on the awful than I'm used to. The kids had coughs and colds. Husband got bronchitis. Then I got bronchitis. Of course I didn't get to take the good drugs because I'm pregnant and a good cough made me throw up. Then the ridiculous amount of coughing damaged my ribs and made it so painful to breathe that I was worried about getting pneumonia with my half breaths. A good sneeze made me feel like passing out. Seriously folks, the cough has been gone for awhile now and my rib still feels like someone is trying to make me a helpmeet. Oh and I tested positive for strep B and had a second round of antibiotics immediately after the zpac. And then J got the stomach flu. Then round 2, both kids got the stomach flu a few days later. Thankfully J can now puke in the toilet! M can puke on the 12in of carpet not covered by towels and in the crevices of the recliner. After destroying our New Year's Eve plans, I was happy it cleared up in time for our Denver trip (which was lots of fun and will have pictures posted. Eventually.)

I left my positive attitude somewhere around Dec 5th 2015 and it has yet to return. The neighbors did not get treats. We did not see the temple lights. We did not see Santa at Bass Pro. We made no cookies, not even for jolly old St. Nick. We adopted no families. We barely made it to one Christmas party. I'm just going to forget this season ever happened.

Now I have very mild placenta previa and have been ordered rest and no exercise. I negotiated with my doctor to still teach my yoga classes, but I am now 6 days without getting a solid sweat going.  How do people get anything done without the energy boost from exercise?! Without it, pregnancy fatigue is twice as bad. And cutting my classes also means cutting my money.

The struggle is real my friends!

Let's see what pictures I actually took that can misrepresent the month and put it in a cheery glow.

My sister made sugar cookies with the kids while I complained on her couch for 5 hours.

Grammy babysat and made a really cute gingerbread house with my kids.

Birthday presents from Aunt Chris were very well loved.

 One day I found her like this.

I made an ewok scoodie for my secret sister gift exchange

J rocked her part in the preschool program

We road the mini train by my inlaw's house. M had his mind blown.

I colored my hair "dark golden brown"

We still made the most amazing Bo Ssam even though the party never happened. Seriously, make this recipe.

Now time to sort through the fancy camera pictures and look for some Christmas morning magic.


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