Wednesday, December 31, 2014


On the way back from Utah we stopped in Vegas to visit Husband other grandmother, affectionately known as MorMor, since she was born in Denmark and that' is how you say mother's mother. She is J's oldermor or great-grandmother.

In poor lighting with a 1 year old that had been trapped in a car, this is as good a portrait as you can get.

Three generations :)

The kids much preferred the gardens outside the care facility. MorMor had said that the tires confused the other residents, but the kids knew exactly what do to with them.

Both kids loved this statue.

M thought the babies needed kisses.

J gave her the sweetest hug as we left. J's middle name is after Mormor's so I'm glad they enjoy each other.

We decided to stop for ice cream in Kingman and change best blow out diaper M had produced all year. The sweet ladies running the shop we very accommodating. The kids loved the giant ice cream cone out front and J wanted to take a picture with it.

Monday, December 29, 2014


Husband's wonderful grandma passed away in November so we traveled up to Utah for the funeral. Trying to keep M from destroying all the glass candy dishes was a full time job so didn't snap many pictures. Sweet Madre Dos snagged my camera and managed to get some great ones showing how lovely the city is.

Of course the kids had to get a chance on the tractor because it is family tradition. M loved it so much and cried anytime we took him off.

It is was wonderful to meet so many of Husband's family and cousins but Grandma A will be missed.

Monday, December 8, 2014

State Fair

I found this lovely folder of pictures I never got around to blogging about! What are pictures if not to blog them?! They are from the week before Halloween, because when you have an insane weekend ahead of you, naturally you head to the fair for the day :) Especially when it's $2 food tasting day. J loved the $2 rides.

M felt cheated and spent many minutes like this, crying with longing.

He did get to ride the carousel, but was quite upset when we had to get off.

Thankfully they have a lovely toddler activity building, with glorious air conditioning. M had so much fun on the wiggle rider that he is getting one for Christmas. Shhh. Don't tell him.

 Never one to give up a challenge, M conquered the padded wall.

 I tried to convince them to nap, but holding still isn't their strong suit.

 Nothing phases J, but the spinning ones aren't for me. Thankfully Madre Dos is always up for it.

Since M was disconsolate about his inability to ride the rides, we found somewhere he could go. THe petting zoo is a favorite for everyone.

 Guys, this llama. He walked over to me and just stared at me in the eye. I was afraid he was going to lick me.

 This goat was so excited to see J.

This goat sat with his head to the side for ten minutes, just pondering the universe.

M REAAAALLLY wanted to pet the piglets. I did too.

 Seriously, adorable.

Thursday, December 4, 2014


After two years in Spain, I finally have my parents back! I have told people that I really missed my mom because she would come over and mop my floors. I know that sounds callous, but what I really mean is I miss how they would always spend their time serving the people around them in such a way that you don't feel guilty for accepting the help. Both of them just do it so naturally, it is about the same as receiving a hug. Which we had an abundance of as we met them at the airport at midnight.

My dad missed the taste of regular milk. All the milk in Spain is shelf stable and has a little aftertaste. My aunt brought him some, along with some donuts.

Here is one of the grandbabies they had never met before.

I have no idea why I don't have pictures of them meeting Aven for the first time. She was there too.

PopPop played ring-around-the-rosies while waiting for luggage.

They had some great helpers.

We are so happy to have them back!

Update: I wrote this a few days ago and within 5 days of being home, my father watched my sick kids so I could speak in church with my husband, plus he cleaned my kitchen AND mopped my floors. Then two days later my mom emptied my dishwasher in the ten minutes she was at my house. BEST PARENTS EVER!

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