Monday, March 4, 2013

Playing with Friends

 I watch a variety of children because I love to pawn mine off on someone else and J and I fight less when there is someone around as a buffer. These twin boys have a weekly arrangement with us and when my friend needed a sitter for her 5 year old, I said bring him over. I figure I'm not going to get anything done that morning anyways so might as well maximize the good in the world.

I got out the camera because I loved the outfit J picked out. I really liked how she paired it was the wellies I snagged at Goodwill for a buck. But seriously, this model pose cracks me up!

Tyra Banks might say she has shark eyes in this one, but I still think she looks fierce.

I've also learned that the easiest way to keep everyone happy when there is extra testosterone in the house is to send everyone outside. I mean, check out the love.

And this ginger was amazed that the car was floating.

J was impressed as well.

The twins were more interested in testing the tensile load of the cozy coupe than exploring fluid dynamics.

They had lots of fun testing a variety of object densities in comparison to water (rocks don't float, wood does, concrete bits don't, plastic wrappers do) and thought it was hysterical to pour water on the dog and watch her shake it off. I came back from storing my camera to see this funny cooperative effort. It was seriously going to ten minutes before I was able to get a video of it.

I'm not sure what they were working on but their snack bowls were thoroughly washed afterwards.

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