Monday, February 18, 2013

Cousin's Valentine's party

 We have a great aunt Mona who used to throw these elaborate Valentine's Day parties for the cousins when we were younger. They probably weren't particularly elaborate, but to my 8 year old mind, they were the coolest thing ever. She made sandwiches in the shape of hearts. HEARTS! It pretty much blew my mind.

So Big Sis and I decided the time had come for a festival (Into the Woods anyone?) and put together a shindig for the preschool crowd in Aunt Mona's tradition. Belatedly we realized that Saturday would have been better so that the kids who could actually remember the festivities would be able to attend. Maybe for St. Patty's day.

We did get a little ridiculous on the details, but it is a creative outlet more than anything else. And it makes you feel good to create pretty things instead of just looking at them all the time. Feel free to roll your eyes and mentally yell that it is a colossal waste of time, but we had fun doing it. Like putting washi tape around cups to hold  the cupcakes. (I was rather proud how that icing turned out. Buttercream is not usually my friend but we reached common ground on this project).

We had lovely fresh strawberry lemonade, in goblets for the madres, and washi tape adorned cups for the kiddos.

J liked it.

E was skeptical

The kids had heart-shaped sammies and the moms ate Big Sis's awesome Zuppa Tuscano (with kale from my garden!) along with sourdough bread.

I also wanted to make some rice krispie for a friend who is gluten free. Might as well make them ridiculous while I was at it.

The crew seemed very happy with our efforts.

Big Sis made these fun heart-shaped pom pom wands for out balloon popping game. It is pretty complicated. You take the wand and pop a balloon. The kids picked up on it pretty fast.

 We also had a lots of crayons and foam stickers for little valentine surprise for my parents. J thought the hearts were better worn.

And that chairs are for standing on. The more the better.

We also did a little photoshoot but that mass of pictures will wait until tomorrow.


jeanene c said...

Sooo impressive! You are both/all amazing! Thank you for the photos. I am such a grandma. I can't get enough!

Elena said...

I love how Kenzie was only wearing one shoe. Next year you'll have to make hats since I vaguely remember Aunt Mona having hats at her parties.


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