Tuesday, December 29, 2009


My dear bloggity friend Natalie tagged me in an inspiration post. When someone appeals to my vanity so well, I just have to oblige.

Here's the gist

1. One photo that makes you cringe (or two in my case)

Waiting for the bus in DC I was freezing and wore my "decorative" hood, i.e. absolutely worthless for warmth. I thought I look like the painting the Scream. The photo doesn't reflect that. Just the perpetual bags under my eyes. The donuts are actually a picture from my kitchen. I made two giant batches to give to the neighbors for Christmas. It will not be repeated.
2. Two pictures you could stare at all day.

I just love how these picture turned out.

3. A pic that shows your dreams or aspirations.

I dream of scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef. (Or going back to this awesome beach in Greece.)
4. Four Bloggers and how they inspire you. Technically you are supposed to do the tag. But you don't have to.


My sister is awesome. She teaches junior high English and drama and rocks at both. Plus she has a gorgeous kid. She taught me how to go on adventures. One summer she decided to move to Alaska. No job, no one she knew. Made plans but when they fell through she decided to go anyways. She is an awesome hiker and did a 26 miler in one day. She is a gardening pro by pure instinct. She always had better muscles than me without even trying. She did yoga before it was cool. She never lets anything get in the way of her dreams.


Camille is my blogging hero. She does these awesome posts that are long and funny and have pictures and are highly entertaining. She doesn't put a pretty face on things, just tells it how it is. She even posted the waxing of her arm pits for all internetdom. Awesome. She hasn't frozen even though she lives in Canada. She blogs regularly. She lived in France. She studied art history just because she loves it.


Angela had a baby with trisomy 18, carried her knowing and blogged about it. She has all the right perspectives. She is a geneology guru. She has gorgeous scrapbooking taste and layouts. She actually has food storage and plans meals before she cooks them. She's so strong spiritually and intellectually. And her commenting prize is almost finished.

Madre Dos!

First, awesome mother-in-law. Made me feel part of the family since day one. She takes amazing pictures. Without getting annoyed at me wanting to see all the shots and try them different ways. At least without showing annoyance :) She cleans her house like crazy before I come over so that the cat doesn't make my allergies act up. Plus, she stocks the guest room nightstand with all the allergy medication I could possibly want. She goes to Shakespeare plays regularly and invites us. She volunteers at the Desert Botanical Gardens. She can tell you the names of all kinds of birds. She is environmentally conscience and buys grass fed meat. She hikes regularly. She raised amazing kids. She gave me her old piano. She's artistic but doesn't think she is. She reads nonfiction. I love her sooooo much!

And I would have more

Shane- because she's so cool and I kinda want to be her. Transracial adopter, former FBI agent, amazing baker and chef, and awesome sense of humor.
Natalie-because she is so put together. I wish I was that put together and I'm a big kid.
Jami- because she is down to earth and real and lets her kid just be a kid regardless of what people might think. And she gets to make the daily specials at a cafe/yoga studio. And she doesn't hate me even though I was a brat in high school.
Lindsay-because she is my artistic hero. I want one of the argyle sock monkeys that she makes but I feel silly wanting a stuff animal. Plus she draws, paints, decorates, sews, ....

And I think I could write down the name of everyone on my blog list. If I didn't admire you in some way, I wouldn't read your blog. And that's just bloggers.

New twist on the onsie

My BFF Suz had another babe and I had to make another awesome onesie. Remember the Dungeons and Dragons one? This is when I'd link, but it's on the old blog and won't work. Sad. Anyways, I found the idea on the internet for suspenders and a little applique and sewing magic later, here we go!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

About that whole Christmas card thing...

This year I have just been behind behind behind on the whole Christmas thing. I almost didn't decorate because I just got so behind it didn't seem worth it to put stuff up for less than a week. Then I remembered that my friend was coming to stay for a couple days with her two year old and I should probably have something up. So I decorated on December 23rd. Yep, put up lights and garland for a whopping 3 days. But I'm glad I did.

So despite the fact that it is after Christmas, I'm still going to send Christmas cards. However, I'm making them e-cards this year. Because I'm a hippie green person like that? Because I'm cheap?
No, because I'm lazy. It would take way to long to get them printed, shipped, addressed, labeled, and sent. But because it is a little sad, I'm going to write an individualized letter to those who want a Christmas card. I'll copy and paste the year in review and what not, but I'm going to write at least a paragraph to the recipient. That way I won't feel so lame just sending an e-mail. So for all you wonderful bloggity people, here's your Christmas card. And if you want the Christmas letter too, shoot me an e-mail or comment.

Hope your Christmas was lovely!

(Madre Dos is my amazing photographer. I give her vague ideas and she makes them happen. And her pricing is phenomenal :) Thanks Jackie!)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Age according 6 year olds

For my December visiting teaching I decided to watch my ladies' kids for a couple hours. This conversation occurred when I was nestled up with a two year old, four year old, and six year old I was watching.

6yr: I feel like you're our mom.

Me: I feel like you guys are my kids.

6yr: Do you have kids?

Me: No

6yr: Are you an adult?

Why it is useless to talk to me before 11am

John: Where do birds live?

Me: In trees. In nests.

John: No the Birds

Me: (stupid look)

John: (returns stupid look)

Me: (upon remembering our friends in Flagstaff with the last name Bird) Ooooooooh. Flagstaff

John: (returns stupid look with slight face of confusion) Kadee

Me: Ooooooooh THOSE Birds. The family who's kids I'm babysitting in ten minutes. Right.

This is why I don't teach an A-hour.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Science Teacher Rule #14

Despite your efforts to avoid all students in your real life, they will inadvertently find their way in.

For instance, when you are killing time on facebook and perusing newly updated photographs, you may stop breathing in shock to see the family portrait of one of your students.

"Whoa, is that Timmy? No freakin' way. I can't get away from them! What are the odds that Molly's dabbling in photography would include her bff Jen's family christmas card. Jen who is the big sister to Timmy. Who is that next to Timmy?

Oh. My. Gosh. You've got to be kidding me.

Timmy Smith. Smith. As in Bobby Smith. Bobby Smith that I had four out of six classes with freshman year. Bobby Smith who had a melt down in Spanish II and tipped over the desks when he got angry. Bobby that went to fight Joey outside the bandroom after school but both got stage fright when everyone showed up to watch. Bobby Smith.

Timmy Smith's big brother."


And I can't even mention it to Timmy because Timmy could very easily gain access to some incriminating yearbook pictures of how dorky Mrs. Anderson looked when she was 14 (why oh why didn't they print the retake photo instead of the one with the poorly straightened perm?) Then they would have proof that I'm not 43 like I say I am.

I have to get out of Mesa.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Science Teacher Rule #73

The occasional student will fall asleep in your class. Some may even have this problem documented in an individualized education plan.

Slumberingstudent: But I didn't get the first page filled out yesterday. I was probably sleeping.

Frustrated lab partner: That's because you are sleeping ALL THE TIME! They should have a name for it. Like mansleepingalwaysitis.

Me: Actually there is a name for it. When someone falls asleep all the time it's called narcoleps-

Slumberingstudent: Or dead.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Swear Jar

I am one empty baking soda can away from creating a swear jar for my classroom. It may be the nearness of the holidays but the four letter words have been flying a little more regularly. Now I realize the predominance of swearing in their little 14 year old lives, so I don't do more than warnings for the occasional slip. As long as it is a slip. If they ever say any word in anger to another student or towards myself, you better believe they will be marching their A double S to the principal's office, possible swearing again the whole way.

My students found the idea of a swear jar totally amusing. Many had never even heard of the concept. Half probably hear the most swearing at home. If I had to parent some of them full time, I'd get a potty mouth too. After a classwide warning, one cheeky student decided to try his luck.

Student: "What starts with "F" and ends with "uck?"

Me: "Student! Inappropriate. Warning!"

Student: "firetruck" :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Slowly making changes

Well I've made the move. Geneva-anderson.blogspot.com is officially private. Hazardousundertakings is almost ready. I spent the twenty minutes moving all my links ONLY TO HAVE THEM ALL DELETE ON ME!

I'm still bitter.

However, I did get all my links moved over successfully the second time. Is your blog missing from my link list? Don't be shy! Comment me the address and I'd love to read your blog. I'm a pretty faithful commenter as well so don't feel stupid, just tell me about your blog.

As part of the move I reread my profile. I laughed when I saw that I still had the dentist up there. I really do love the dentist. I got to go again on Friday and it was fabulous. These are exact quotes:

Dentist: "Everyone should have teeth like this. You should be our model."

Cute scandanavian dental assistant: "You haf such nice teef. You haf teef like a moofee star. You don't efen have to see the hygienist. Your teef are so clean."

Awesome. Who wouldn't love the dentist? I don't even mind fillings because I love having my mouth all numb and droopy.

I guess there are other circumstances. My friend Emily was slapped by the dentist when she was five and has hated it ever since. And even at 32 years old, her mom still doesn't believe her.

Anyways, lurkers, tell me your blog!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

How I became one of "those" people

I'm one of them now.

You know, one of those nut jobs who pays money to participate in ridiculously long bouts of physical exertion.

A triathlete

Before you start acting impressed or anything, it was only a sprint tri. However, 400m of swimming, 20km of biking, followed by a 5k run in DECEMBER does earn you a very solid "You're crazy." (I know Phoenix in December, not that cold. But in this getup, sopping wet, is cold anywhere.)

It's all Julie's fault. She started swimming with me while she was training for hers and gave me my first taste of triathlete crack. I found that the training totally suited my exercise ADD. Oh you don't feel like swimming today? Awesome, go for a run. Running in a rut? Do a spin class. Want to bail on your workout? NO WAY MISSY! UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET YOUR BUTT HANDED TO YOU IN THE RACE YOU WILL BE WORKING OUT TODAY!!!!(note feet not touching the ground :) )

Excellent motivation.

And now since I've invested in the gear and a shiny new road bike, AND because I don't want to lose the level of fitness I have, I have to start training for a full olympic distance. I totally get how people end up in ironman competitions. You just need to have something to keep training for until it gets out of control.

But for now I'm thoroughly enjoying my week off.

Special thanks to John, Julie, and Madre dos for the cheerleading. (She takes some awesome pictures doesn't she?)

*For all those who care, it took me 1 hour and 33 minutes. My chain fell off twice so my bike time was bleh, but my run was faster than all my training. I came in 65 out of 115 and 6th in my age group. But really who the heck cares? I'm way more into finishing than any competition.

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