Thursday, March 14, 2013


So I have tried to expand my culinary endeavors lately. Mostly because I dislike making dinner in general. Fore the most part this means buying a new kind of cheese each trip. It really makes a huge difference in the delicious factor of meals. And in true Geevz fashion, I may have taken the hobby a little overboard. There is usually 6-8 different kinds of cheese in my deli drawer at any given moment these days. My current favorite is smoked Gruyere, which my friend Brian described as bacon cheese. I think the contents now is Jarlsberg, pepper jack, string cheese, creamy swiss, fresh grated parmigiana, smoked gouda, and whatever cheese Babybel original actually is.

I even learned how to make homemade ricotta, but that is a post for a different day.

The whole point is trying out new cooking adventures and next to my beloved cheese aisle at Winco (praise be its name forever oh king of grocery stores) there were frozen lobster tails for $4 each.

It's a life goal of mine to cook a live lobster so I thought this might be a gateway of sorts. and for $8, I could afford to royally screw it up. It did totally weird me out though. I mean, this is how it starts out.

It has a slightly spiny fin and legs. The legs got me the most before I mind-over-matter-ed it.

 Bleck. I had to put on my big girl panties and sliced off the legs and removed that belly casing part. Thank goodness for the internet and it's excellent resources. I mean, suppose people actually had to use cookbooks or take classes or something. Weird.  It was surprisingly easy though. After you chop of the legs, you add butter and some seasoning and bake it in foil for 20 minutes or so. Then you get this.

Really, lobster is just an expensive carrier for garlic butter, but it was yummy all the same. Next time you have a special occasion and want to save the money of going out, give it a shot! Until then, go buy some fancy cheese until you get your courage up.

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Marilyn said...

Yuck. Way to go with all thy mind over matter stuff. I think being a mom helps in that area. The things we do for our families . . . Well, I'm glad it was yummy. Makes it all worth it!


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