Friday, September 30, 2011

The Age of Aquarium

No, this is not the last Seattle post. They do have an end, I promise. I know how much you miss seeing pictures of crap I've made, so don't fret, my crocheting addiction has not sent me to rehab yet. Soon you enough you will in inundated with pictures of yarn craft that you will be begging for more Seattle pictures. At least these you can use for a travel guide if you ever end up in the Pacific northwest.

And if you end up there, you should check out the aquarium. (Like that transition? My English teachers would be proud. Except the "And" at the beginning of the sentence. And the fragment just now.) Here are some of the lovely pics, in no particular order.

I pretty much adore otters. I think they are the puppies of the aquatic world

Waterfalls should be aquarium staples

View from the aquarium pier

Can we have pet otters or is it illegal?


We saw the cast of Finding Nemo

If I said I wasn't a fish, I'd be lion

I'm a unicorn!

Not a pilot, not an astronaut, I want to be a scuba diver!

It freaked me out, but I touched the starfish and the anemone . And we peer-pressured Husband into doing it too

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So Husband has an uncle that designs games. I think it's pretty much awesome. Here is one that was published. It was inspired by the Freemont troll so we decided to make a pilgrimage. It is a wee bit difficult to navigate to, but lots of fun all the same. If you've never heard of it, it's pretty much a giant troll statue tucked away under a bridge, smashing a VW bug (haha) and inviting vandals to come draw on him.

Another Christmas card idea? Trolls are festive right?

He's running for office next year so he's kissing babies

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Museum of Flight

While Lil' Sis and I were doing trapeze, the fellas took the kiddo to the Museum of Flight. I thought it was fun to see what the men folk decided to take pictures of.

Shoes are for holding, not wearing

"I don't want to be a pilot!"
"I want to be an astronaut!"

Watch out for Hop-Ons

Monday, September 26, 2011

Pike's Place

I pretty much want to move to Seattle just so I can buy bouquets like this for $5. I'm serious, $5.

The very first starbucks

Fresh seafood galore. It is geographically impossible for AZ to compete.

AZ doesn't have any seaside restaurants either. But J is happy anywhere there are straws

And Lil' Sis is happy anywhere they make cheese in front of you


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