Friday, May 29, 2015

Child's pose

I was in a little Mommy time out and eventually was lured out by the suspicious silence. I walked out and found this. Naturally, I turned around, went back to my room, and took a nap too.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The end of May

Here is the fun we've had the last couple weeks:

A lovely sibling tea party that ended in tears when I didn't let the breakable tea cups off the carpet. They were M's tears.

We had a celebratory shakes because we stink at remembering anniversaries.

Marionberry jam stash. Want to know how I got these scars?

We actually did go out the weekend after the anniversary. Check out the cool menus at this Thai place.

J kept asking for a baby carrier and I couldn't figure out what she was describing.  Ends up she was asking for the one my sister has, but I found her this mid 20 minutes description and she was happy to put Isabella ("I call her Isabelly. Sometimes I call her that"). And I have no idea where this baby carrier idea came from. We haven't seen one on anyone for months, but man did she look cute in it.

Preschool program. I adore the singing with minimal tune. She had so much fun this year and learned how to read. Seriously, any word with short sounds, she can do it. 

Cousin Ellie had a My Little Ponies party with REAL ponies. Needless to say the kids loved it.

Monday, May 25, 2015

National Public Garden Day

That means we got into our favorite place for free! The arboretum never gets old.

So many beautiful flowers.

And this. This! Are you kidding me?

We also take some pretty fabulous selfies.

Baby had to be in the picture too.

And no trip to the arboretum is complete without a ride of the javelina.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Baby in a Basket

Yep, she actually fell asleep like this. She takes maybe one nap a week and pretending to be a puppy in a kennel led to this little situation.

I've been really trying to convince her to call it a kennel instead of a cage. I know that she is going to tell someone that mommy let her sleep in her cage and that will just lead to an awkward conversation.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jump Street

There is a funny Jack Handy quote that I always think about when people talk about the trampoline park.

“If I ever opened a trampoline store, I don't think I'd call it Trampo-Land, because you might think it was a store for tramps, which is not the impression we are trying to convey with our store. 

Well we had only two days to use our POGO passes here so I decided to be brave and take my kids and the two girls I watch on Mondays to try it out. SOLO! And miracle of miracles, it turned out fantastic. The kids had fun, no one was hurt, no mega meltdowns despite close proximity to nap time.  It was a great outing with 4 kids under 4.

M's hamster shirt cracks me up every time I put it on him.

Blurry pics of the kids in motion.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Cell phone photo dump

In no particular order we have 

 the artistry of brownie batter licking

Cooperative doctor's appointments with M's friend Samantha

I am the sausage vegetarian

I was doing this online art class on line drawing and J decided to do some with me. I was impressed at how well she followed the class. The first are mine, but you can see she held her own and you can recognize the same shapes in hers.

 Some friends invited her to Disney on Ice again, but this show had different characters and a lot more Ariel. She came home, dressed up in her costume, and put on a show for me several times. I even had to hold her souvenir cup.

J was on her bike with her helmet for this walk, so M had to wear a hat while driving his car. Makes sense to me!

This kid also found a permanent marker I didn't even know we had in the back of the junk drawer. This is the price I paid for 5 minutes more sleep.

I finally finished my 1000 paper cranes! I'm almost half way down with the art piece I'm doing.

M has figured out how to turn on the bathroom faucet. My water bill will probably reflect that.

Seriously, these two are best buds. They just chill out like this.

I got a lasik touch up on one eye that never quite got as clear as I wanted. I also colored the bottom half of my hair purple. It's surprisingly subtle and most people don't notice it for awhile.

Since my eye doc is right next to the science center we stopped by for a bit after my follow up appointment. The kids didn't destroy anything so they earned some fun. M would have just ran over this bridge back and forth for an hour and been happy.

J was more intimidated by the 4200 school kids there on field trips. Keeping track of the two of them led to only two actual pictures.

My nephew Walter was baptized and Piper rocked a Minecraft/Holy Ghost analogy.

Both my kids love to pretend to be puppies. Normally I'm the unwilling subject of nuzzles and ruffs, but J crawled over to M, who was watching tv. He scratched behind her ears and just kept watching. I was dying at the cuteness. The future of sibling play is bright.

This is how my dad fits his truck into the itty bitty garage in the condo they bought. It amuses me.  Hey, it fits!

Friday, May 8, 2015

I.D.E.A. Museum

We went ahead and bought POGO passes because they were on crazy sale and headed to the museum for full family of four fun. Which really means one parent chased after one kid and we spent minimal time ALL together. Stills counts though.

J loves to put on a "show" and is obviously not the only kid because there were a couple venues here. One for puppets,

and one for dress ups. She was a "space person"


Husband got to play a part in the concert she gave.

M likes pretty much anything he can push or turn or knock over.

And cut. He really loves scissors. He kept his mouth open like this the entire time.

They had this fun beaver dam area to crawl into in the engineering section, complete with masks and tails to put on.

We put stickers on visors and took goofy pictures.

M was most interested in unstacking the chairs and moving them (loudly) across the floor.

J remembered making glasses from the last time we went (a year ago!) and asked about them as we drove over. They still had the same exhibit up so she was delighted. I still ended up being the only one to actually finish a pair so she is wearing mine.

They had just as much fun on the big bean bags in the lunch area, so we piled on top of each other.

I told J to make a taco tongue. I didn't realize that she'd be making taco tongue in every photo op since then.

And one more family selfie for good measure.

 Don't worry, the fun adventure ended in an EPIC tantrum from J, but the pictures will help us forget it.


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