Thursday, February 28, 2013

T-shirt skirts

So I wanted J to have some skirts that were long enough and fit her petite waist. They pretty much don't exist so I decided to make some. I'm rather lazy so I took three highly pit-stained T-shirts (they pre-date my hippy deodorant revolution) and chopped them up for the easiest skirts ever. You don't even need to hem them.

Here is the sacrificial shirt.

Then I eyeballed the length I wanted using one of J's too short skirts and went snip snip.

I wrapped my elastic around J to measure and sewed it into the proper sized loop.

Then in an effort to make my sewing projects a bit higher quality, I zigzagged stitched the rough edge. Someday there my be a serger in my life, but I'm still scared of them.

Then I did a truly terrible job sewing the edge onto the elastic. One of these days I'll purchase some fold over elastic and use the appropriate number of pins necessary for a pretty final product. Today though, I stick with my poor craftsmanship and knock out three of these in an hour.

Then I put all three in her drawer without telling her. If I presented them to her as wardrobe options, she would have thrown a fit and refused to get dressed. This way, she discovered them herself and wanted to wear one every day, even after we had already wrestled her into a dress she had picked out. So we compromised and let her wear it underneath the dress. If petticoats become a trend, J totally started it.


Geevz said...

Amazing! 3 in an hour rocks and craftsmanship is still high.

Alicia W said...

Umm, you were signed in but it's my comment. Oops,

Katie said...

Brilliant. You, the skirts, and the letting her discover them:)

Marilyn said...

Awesome! I love a good DIY repurposing. I'm glad j does too!


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