Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Water baby

Remember this girl?

This was her first time in a real pool back in May.


Look how big she is now!

I did that.

 She gained 2 lbs in one month once I started loading her up. My doc recommended putting a little Instant Breakfast into her rice cereal. So I add some of that, a scoop of formula, and some whole cow's milk.

What's that you say? Cow's milk is the devil and I'm poisoning my baby? She's doomed to a life of lactose intolerance, choking on undigested curds, all because she had milk before the age of 1?

I was in that camp too until my doc said current research showed no difference with how early different foods were introduced. And they studied several foods, nuts included. He said anything goes that isn't a choking hazard, except for honey. The issue with cow's milk is it has too much sodium and not enough protein to be the primary food source. Mamas would ditch the high cost formula and buy the gallon of milk. But as a part of the diet, no problems.

It works for us.

I fully support doing whatever feels right for your own family regardless of what anyone says or does. So feel free to hate cow's milk for the under 1 crowd. I won't mind.

I'm just happy we don't have to go through any more of this business

All the tests came back normal. She is 50th percentile for height, and happily back on the charts at 10th percentile for weight. So thanks for all the thoughts, prayers, and well wishes on her behalf!


Nikki said...

She's so cute! And yay for milk!

Katie said...

I seem to recall a couple of your sisters cheering that they had gained weight...maybe it's a maiden name thing:) I'm glad she doesn't have to do more tests, poor not-so-little-anymore thing. Oh, and Eli has some cow's milk every day too. And I am a HUGE supporter of Doing What's Right For You And You Kids (which can change from day to day and kid to kid)

Elena said...

Yeah I took some of those photos :) The picture of your baby all bandaged almost made me cry but I'm so happy that she is at a healthy weight just like me!

Jackijo said...

The bandaged arm just is so sad. However, she is unbelievably cute!

ACW said...

Okay, first off, you look amazing in the background of those swimming pictures. And baby j is growing up so well! And you've really inspired me with the cows milk. Great work!

Erin said...

That's impressive! It seems like the older and more mobile they get the harder it is to gain weight. I've hardly ever heard of someone catching up on the charts. You must have put in some serious feeding time- maybe gave her a feed bag! Anyway so glad she's getting some rolls!


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