Monday, August 8, 2011

Strawberry Adventure

No, this isn't a post about J's first taste of strawberries. This is an actually adventure in a lil' town in the White Mountain area of the state. I was teaching yoga to a bunch of girls for my auntie's girls camp and decided to bring Big Sis and make it an adventure.

Bambi! In the road!

I had never been to Fossil Springs so we drove the perilous road to it on a whim.


I'd rather hike in than drive that road again.

Since it was on a whim we didn't bring suits. Didn't stop us from enjoying it all the same. I know, I know. You put your baby in a CREEK?! The GIARDIA! The GERMS! Hey, it works for our family yo. Health has remained perfectly intact. I share this so more mums will fill confident doing it if they feel like it. You know, so we can feel better about ruining our children because someone else is doing it too.

And we needed some ice cream after all that adventuring so we stopped by this little antique store/ ice cream parlor.

Yep, she likes ice cream. I knew she was a smart girl

Sadly, this week marks the end of my sister adventures since school starts. So I'm looking for a new adventure buddy.


  • Must help come up with adventure ideas
  • Must enjoy cheap adventures
  • Cannot dwell on the amount of work an adventure entails, just goes for it anyways
  • Contagious enthusiasm
  • Keeps complaining to a minimum
  • Doesn't spend time discussing people because criticizing others hurts my self-esteem
  • Straight forward with feelings and tells true opinions
  • Not offended by anything I say or do
  • Enjoys dirt and outdoors
  • Enjoys exercise
  • Doesn't mind if their kid misses an occasional nap.
  • Lives in the Mesa metropolitan area
Position may be filled by multiple people. All commenters may apply


Elena said...

You can come adventuring with me in about two weeks :)

Jackijo said...

Can I come on an adventure or two? I have some good ideas about Southern AZ.

My name is Em. said...

Can I just say how much I love every post of yours. Becasue...seriously...I do.
Love them!

jeanene c said...

Mama C
Loves Adventures especially with her kids.
Lives close
Doesn't mind dirt.
LOVES Frugal (cheap) adventures.
Limited ideas
Difficult to offend or shock.
Needs exercise.
Good availability mid week day times.
Please call!

ACW said...

My availability has only changed. I'm open for evenings and Saturdays and major holidays. :)

Jerry said...

You remind me of find memories of Fossil Creek. There used to be two power plants who generated power from the creek water. I spent many weeks there designing and building communications system for the power plants. Sadly, the power plants have all been removed.


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