Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cell phone pics

I was taking a picture off of my phone and decided to clean it out. Apparently I hadn't since last year. I always think it is interesting to see what people have pictures of on their phones. It's almost like looking through their purse. Strangely telling about their personality and what not. Unless you see pictures of poop. Since I didn't have any of those, I thought I'd share.

Polar bear statue that made me think of my cousin Matt. Not sure if I sent it.
Made me think of my aunt B. Not sure if I sent it. Pretty sure we ticked off some drivers while taking it
The famous Okapi I met in DC
Okapi in a New York museum that made me think of Jocelyn's DC okapi. Too blurry for sending. BTW Happy Wedding Jocelyn!

New York from the Empire State building
The tableau of mini's on my desk at school. The angel looks nervous
Balloon Fiesta
The prettiest egg rolls you ever did see
French toast sticks. Too bad I was diabetic during this Suns game
In a borrowed tutu
In the grocery store. I still have no idea what it really is.
Cardboard boxcar challenge for youth group. Big hit if you need an idea for a group activity


lindsay said...

those french toast sticks look absolutely amazing!

ACW said...

So cool! I never take interesting pictures on my phone since I have my camera in my phone. But you camera pics look like professional ones. I guess the photographic eye is more important than equipment.


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