Monday, August 22, 2011

Houndstooth dress

 Thanks for indulging my nostalgia folks. Several people I know have been robbed recently and it was you thinking about your material possessions a bit. Now that I have pictures of everything, I think I could handle losing them a bit easier. If that makes any sense. I am now SO close to having my craft room clean. This isn't just a pick things up sort of clean, but finish the half started or planned projects clean. So this week is going to be heavy on the projects I've finished up. Then I leave to visit little sissy up in Seattle and I have some fun surprises for you all. But more on that later. Just try and resist the cuteness of J in her flower eating awesomeness.

I found this fabric for super cheap and I knew the future daughter of my friend Lindsay (Hi Lindsay!) would definitely be the kind of girl to appreciate it so I made up a little dress for her. I still had extra fabric so I made one for J too. I am definitely in denial about her growing and because I tried it on my princess and it was definitely too small. So I added a little panel in the back.

My new obsession is fabric buttons. $2 kit at Walmart and they take 3 minutes to make.


shamers said...

hand me down!

Elena said...

That dress is so cute I would wear it! And I love when J scrunches her nose up :)


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