Tuesday, August 9, 2011

AZ Museum for Youth

$7 a person, free for the under 1 crowd. You can check out their hours and whatnot here. Since it is right in downtown Mesa, it was perfect "I-don't-want-to-go-back-to-work-where-did-summer-vacation-go" adventure for Big Sis. Grammie met up with us too. It is a small museum, as in 2 wings, one story small. But there are some fun craft things to make and take if your age group wants it. A good 2 hours of entertainment for 10 and under.

Word of advice though, pack socks. They enforce a no bare feet clause, even for the bambina. Laaaaame. They sell socks for a buck, but we are really that cheap so J wore her cousin's socks and cousin wore just shoes. I know, we're brilliant.

Check out this fun free for all.

And an epic play house complete with food.

They had a little cubed area just for under 2 year olds. But even I couldn't go in it because I didn't have socks and they forbid shoes in the toddler cube. I was reprimanded. And annoyed.

Thankfully there was more exhibits to see. They even had Charlie Brown dress ups for the kids to put on so I died seeing all of these kids in yellow and black zigzag shirts. Unfortunately, my immediate decease meant I didn't grab a picture of them. Sorry.

 I even found a part time job there

Note Lucy costume on the right

giant light bright anyone?

Then we finished up the adventure with lunch at Urban Picnic. Super yummy, but the price reflects the exceptional meal packaging and grass-fed, free range, organic goodness. Still, pretty wonderful. Although I am prone to enjoying restaurants based on fabulous typography and overall design. Click the link to see what I mean.

The way my hair is laying, I almost want short hair again

I handed J my cup to appease her lack of nap induced grumpiness and found this a moment later.

That kid. I'm telling ya.

If you go to Urban Picnic, you should check out the hipster thrift shop next door. The owners were super nice. And they had tables outside with free stuff. Free. So I grabbed an awesome wool sports jacket for repurposing and a light blue dress shirt. The owner even got my niece all hooked up on the chalk wall.

 And if you are wondering where all this awesomeness is exactly, it's right next to the giant pink chair sculpture on the north side of main.


Elena said...

I'm jealous of you adventures sometimes but that's because I miss you! I love mom's pose on the pink chair :)

Jackijo said...

I love that musuem! I spent several home-school trips there. When Warner Brothers cartoons gets there, I will grab some kids and meet you there!

jeanene c said...

Look at the pose in the pink chair photo and the psych booth. Could we be related?

ACW said...

I sure had fun! A coupon would have made it perfect even with the sick nazi. And your daughter eating a lemon when it makes every other kid scream, only.your kid. What a great adventure!


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