Friday, August 19, 2011

Box of High School Round 4 The stuff

I found some definite treasures in the box. The coolest may be the Casio pocket diary I got for my 10th bday. It still has all the phone numbers that were important to me in 5th and 6th grade.

I also found some jewelry boxes still full of jewelry. Some is even fashionable again.

This one is from Japan

And this one I've had since I was 5.

And the one from Geneva, Switzerland when I was 12.

Then we have my collection of glass things. The cabbage patch was the first piece of glass I was allowed to have when my mother deemed my 8 year old self responsible enough. The dancers are a music box my mother had as a teenager. The horse I saw a glass blower make in Germany and my adopted German grandpa bought it for me. The sarsaparilla bottle was when my parents took just me to Bill Johnson's Big Apple for my 8th bday.  The birthstone angel was the top to a tiered cake my mom made for my 12th bday.

This was made by my grandma and hung in my room growing up. Now I've moved it from the box to  J's room.

There was all of the Japan memorabilia stashed away too and this is just a couple pieces. My fav is the apple juice can. It's what's considered a normal drink serving size.

 This fan is from my friend Masa as we left Japan. He gave me a cd of his band Broken Bones which was some pretty good Japanese punk rock. I'm pretty sure they attempted to swear in English several times but the accent was so strong you can't even tell.

Here's the cassette tape collection I can't bear to part with because my dad gave me each one when the movie came out. It was sort of our thing and made me feel super special. Very important to 4th child.

And random stuff I can't get rid of because I've had it so long. The purple rock is from a keychain I got at the Biltmore when my dad was announced as Teacher of the Year. The two other rocks I were from some museum I managed to convince my mom to get me even though she had major issues on buying rocks. She said I'd get bored with them because they were just little rocks. I kept such good care of them to prove her wrong.  The yellow koala was a annual prize in an easter egg that one year my mom let me keep instead of putting it back into the box of easter things (genius on my mother's part: she'd save the little toys in easter eggs and reuse them the next year so they were still exciting and she didn't have to waste any more money on plastic junk.) The moon sticker was a gift from my bff in 8th grade (Hi Petra!) and I loved it so much I couldn't commit to using it on anything.

I'll spare you all the trophies and plaques because I don't really care about them and have decided to keep them around solely to re-purpose into something else down the line.

You know what all of this junk is really telling me?

I'm totally going to screw up this kid. There is no way in the world I'll know how important stupid little things are to J. I've kept rocks for 20 years. Who does that? I know she's going to be just as bad.

That, and I better start holding onto more things if I end up having more than one girl. I love things simply because they were my mother's when she was younger. Hopefully J and her possible future siblings like Japanese stuff, because I have a whole lot of that :)


Elena said...

I think it's rather fascinating the stuff we keep. I can't believe mom actually bought rocks for you, she must really love you. Maybe someday you kids will make them into necklaces or something. And I remember being a little jealous that dad bought you those cassettes.Oh well. Thanks for sharing the memories :)

ACW said...

Don't worry Elena, I wondered why Dad didn't get me special presents each birthday either. But it is funny the things we keep. And I don't know what to do with my box of childhood things. In a box in the attic, I guess. But it's interesting what you loved. And you'll be perfect for Jayla. Don't worry.

Lauren said...

Oh my goodness I totally had a pocket diary!!! I have not thought of that thing in ages. Wow. Original bloggers! LOL :) And how sweet that your dad got you those cassette tapes. I wish I kept the Grease soundtrack tape my dad got me for my birthday, that he gave me a few days before my birthday. Not because he was giving me an early present, but because he truly thought that day was my birthday. Thanks your sharing your memories. Brings back some of my own!

Merkley Jiating said...

After all of my moves, I have gotten the "Emily's Memories" down to one box. That's including all yearbook and trophies. Even though the trophies are so ugly, I have to keep them so I can prove to my kids that I was once good at something.

Anonymous said...

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