Friday, August 26, 2011

Guest Post: Little Sis.

Hello everyone! This is G's little sis E and I'm going to do a post about something I love very much. No, not my husband and no, not dessert, though I love both very much. Today I'm posting about my Amazon Kindle. I, like so many others, was skeptical about the Kindle. I mean book are wonderful and reading on electronic device just can't be the same. You don't get the smell or the textures etc. I had a lot of reasons why I didn't think I'd like it. Da husband, being the tech wizard that he is, loves gadgets. So he bought one. His reasoning: I'll read more since it will be more convenient, my technology booka are cheaper, I won't strain my eyes because the screen isn't back lit and about 5 other reasons too. "Ok cool, go for it" I tell him since I like to have a happy husband and we can afford it. He buys it. Some months after he had purchased it I had finished the first book in a series that my friend had loaned me and was anxious to get the second one. The problem being that it was late so the library was closed so I would have to wait all weekend to get my book. I was sad. Da husband doesn't like sad wife (for good reason, she isn't fun to be around) suggested I read the second book on his kindle since I could get it right now. Now I am so happy so da husband is so happy. He had been bugging me to try it since he bought it anyways.  I finished the book in about 24 hours and wanted the 3rd. Easy-peasy if you have the Kindle. Just download it right now. Well after that I may have, *cough*, commandeered the Kindle for myself. Surprisingly, da husband didn't mind because he wanted the Big Kindle. So let me tell you all the reasons the Kindle rocks:

  • Fits in my purse super easily. (not all paperbacks and most hardback book would not)
  • I have 50+ book on my Kindle so I can read whatever I'm in the mood for without carrying around lots of different books
  • The screen is awesome, no glare and reads just like paper
  • I can change the type size (some Robert Jordan books the font was so small I had to hold it closer to my face)
  • Long books are bulky and heavy but not on the Kindle, it only weighs about 8.5 oz 
  • There are a TON of FREE Kindle books. Where else can you buy books for free? I know what you're thinking and yes some of the free books are lame but one of my all-time-favorite-books-ever was free
  • You can put books into categories on you Kindle
  • I can read in the bathtub without worry, because my Kindle fits in a quart sized ziplock bag. Wet fingers are no problem  now
  • My super cute Kindle cover 
  • People can't see the cover art of the books I read (I used to be really embarrassed in high school because I like Fantasy novels and they usually had some crazy dragon or something on the cover and I would get teased about it. Now I just own the fact that I like Fantasy. Did you like the Lord of Rings trilogy? Yeah that's Fantasy, it probably had some elves and dwarfs on the cover. Wha'd up now haters?
Other things about the Kindle that may be awesome to other people but aren't a big deal to me

  • You can highlight passages
  • You can make notes (I don't write in books though I know some people do)
  • You can shop for books from the Kindle (I usually just shop on the laptop and send it to my Kindle)
So yeah I love the Kindle. It's great. Get one. I think on my own blog I'm going to do a review of my favorite books so if you want to check it out just go to


Angela said...

The whole bathtub experience is enough for me to purchase one!

shamers said...

awesome! i like the bathtub tip, too. j reads on the iphone using the kindle app but i think the screen's too small for reading something long.

also, many libraries have e-copies of books they'll lend out, so check with your library! maricopa county library system does it if you still have your account down here. enjoy!

Jackijo said...

I am a visual person. I need a picture of the kindle demonstrating why I need one. I am not sold on it yet. The only point I can see to owning one is to take 50 books with you on an extended trip.

ACW said...

I was a musical skeptic, and I am still a book skeptic. We'll see if I ever convert. I read on my ipad and didn't really like it. I can't tell when the ending is coming because of the thickness left in the book. And the pad is backlit (ohh my eyes!). But thanks! PS ask Geneva when am I going to guest blog for her? And how do I sign in under her account.

Katie said...

Humm, maybe I'll have to come borrow yours to see if I like it. The bonus, of course, would be that I'd get to see you! Also, I totally read your blog, but it won't let me comment. I have the same problem with my sister's blog. Just wanted you to know that I do read it:)

Elena said...

Ok I changed the comment stuff on my blog so it's easier to comment.


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