Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Box of High School, round 2 The Dating Version

Really, I had a massive picture frame collection. Showcased were photographic evidence that I really did go on dates.

When me lil sissy turned 16 I wanted to go with her on a double date. So I asked my friend Josh to go with me and had an underclassmen ask my sister. We went blindfolded mini golfing and took pictures with a gnome. You know, because high school kids think it is cool to take pictures with dumb things. And I thought it would be perfect so my mom could get a pic of lil sissy's first date without mortifying her.

this is the classic windmill door. Epic shot because it rolled up right as the door closed and wedged it. And he was blindfolded.

Then there was our youth group date night with my friend Dallin. Why I kept such an awkward picture, I do not know.  I post it for your entertainment.

Then there was winter formal senior year with my good friend Adam. I asked him with a giant toy soldier made of trashcans. He returned it with a spiderman make over.

Lorin and I were trying to be the coolest girls ever so we went shooting for our before dance activity. It was the first time I shot an AK-47 or an AR-15. My amazing sunday school teacher Mitch ran an ice business and brought a trailer of ice blocks for us to destroy too. And he provided all the guns and ammo as a graduation gift. *Fun fact* Lorin married her date :)

Then there was the 80's dance with Richard. He was excessively short. I was excessively tall. We had a great time because there was no romantic inklings either way. He answered by making me a Teen Girl Squad episode. Amazing. As was our dance picture which I have titled Rich and the Bean Stalk.

He was doing the Michael Jackson pose from the lower left corner and I did Madonna in the upper right.
And then there were the group photos. The bottom is from the year before.

Are you feeling better about yourself yet? No? You need to see more awesomeness tomorrow? Ok, I'll oblige.


Elena said...

That date was awesome. You're an amazing big sister!

jeanene c said...

I gave Adam's Mom the blog address, or what I remembered. I thought they would get a kick out of these blogs.


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