Friday, August 30, 2013

AZ Museum of Natural History (Round Two)

I should probably donate some money to the culture pass program at the library because I love it so much. I snagged one for the dino museum again and invited some of our friends to come with since the rest of the city was starting their first day of school.

J made friends with a volunteer. I think I may have to volunteer at a museum someday when my kids are grown. It seems like fun.

I really do try and tame her hair, but after I wet it down and comb it, J scrunches it with her hands and makes it look like that. I just can't bring myself to cut the curls.

One of the displays was under construction and I thought it was interesting to see the process. Here is a small scale of the mural the artist was doing.

Here is how the painting is manifest on a larger scale, along with close-ups of inspiration.

They hadn't removed the hanging models from the old display yet so this turtle is flying.

Of course J gravitated towards the fish tanks. She chose her outfit, in case you wondered.

 She is getting really good at puzzles.

M didn't really care for them.

The twins had to leave before the fossil excavating, but J and K had a really good time brushing off fossils.

I'm pretty sure I would go nuts in a small town. I love having all of these resources and adventures to go on. Especially since they are free.


jeanene c said...

You wouldn't go nuts, you would give all the other mothers complexes because of all the activities you set up though. I am glad you get to do all these things as a mom that you didn't get to do as a kid.

Anonymous said...

I love the museum! If you are looking to save money on all the fun local venues I recommend getting a PogoPass. It's saved our family a lot of money.


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