Friday, October 19, 2012

AZ Museum of Natural History

I was meandering the library when I happened to snag the much coveted culture pass to the AZ Museum of Natural History a.k.a. the dinosaur museum. Dude, it is a cool little museum downtown and I've been keen on going for awhile so two free passes may have led to a 90's style elbow jab of happiness.

I invited my dear cousin Bri to join in on the adventure with her wee one. Unfortunately terrible lighting combined with my daughter's energy led to very few usable pictures, plus I am working on enjoying the moment more than trying to document it. Here's a glimpse of the place should you have a dinosaur lover in your home.

There was lots to look at, especially if you were about 8 in taller than J. It's all good though, she gravitates to anyone  around 5-7 years old because she thinks she's their age.

There was a statue to hug. He didn't hug back.

There were a few things her size.

Like this little javelina. "Dog. Dog."

I'm missing the days when she would actually sit in a stroller for more then ten minutes. I don't even bother bringing one now since J insists on pushing it unsuccessfully instead of sitting in it. I miss having something to put my purse in though.

J also found a room with her favorite thing in the world, mini chairs. 

 Forget the crayons, she just likes the chair.

K did not like the chairs.

Totally kidding. Someone had just stolen some of his blocks and I thought the expression was priceless. I love that kid. 

They also had an outdoor section where kids could pan for gold. Or splash in the water trying to figure out how those 7 year olds were doing it. No pictures since I was focused on keeping J above the water instead of under it. They also had this really cool archaeology corner (SHADED!) where they could brush off fossils. I think could make it into a successful career.

It was a really fun little museum with just enough to do for about 2 hrs and not so much that you leave feeling like you missed part of the cool stuff. It was also set up so J could walk around and touch and explore with minimum interference from me. I would totally do it again should any family come into town.

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