Sunday, August 25, 2013

Da 4th of Joo-liah (2012)

I should have explored my draft folder much sooner! Look at this lovely post from last year that never graced the world with a click of the publish button. It was even completely finished! It would be sad to have it wasted completely so I'm publishing it now anyways. Besides, a good 75% of my brain thinks it's still 2012. Here it is verbatim.

Yes, yes, I know the 4th was almost a month ago. I finally finished with the pictures from the BBQ at my parents and am sharing them all the same. They are a lot, but I figure half my readers are family and would love a gander at those without a blog so I'm posting a ridiculous amount. I apologize to those who didn't make it in a picture. I decided to put down the camera and enjoy eating for a bit. Wait, I have a toddler. I won't enjoy a meal for another 10 years. But look at the piggies! The piggies make it worth it.

My friend Marilyn's kids. Her parents actual set up my parents on their first date. 

I really have the cutest nieces

They all love Uncle Todd

I have gorgeous cousins too

The Best Grandparents

My pretty mum with her newest nephew

Marilyn's sister Julie and her beautiful family

 My cousin just came back from Taiwan practically that day so his family wanted a picture

 Unfortunately, I am not gifted enough to take a good photo at night under flood lights, but we made do.

DJ's family suffered from the floodlight as well. Sepia is our friend

I feel bad for Sarah though because my editing skills couldn't diminish the light in her countenance.

Overall they aren't that bad edited, considering what the pictures look like straight from the camera, as this photobombed one illustrates

Andrew, you deserve this posted on the internets

By the time Marilyn's family came in for a picture, I got a bit better.

Especially if you like a little 80's editing

Her little boy just melts my heart in this one. Look at how his smile mirrors his mom and his sister's takes after dad's

Then I was ready to stop trying to take decent photographs of people and enjoyed the fireworks

Can you hear her little voice going "Oooooo"

We were having a Rembrandt moment. The painter, not the 90's band famous for the Friends theme song

This picture sums up my daughter's experience with big loud fireworks: pure giggles.


Alicia W said...

Miles looks so much like Caleb. So I guess that's who he looks like.

Lauren Opie said...

Glad you posted it! And fun to see all the Stapleys! I was so confused for a moment... like I know them! And then I realized from where, and then I remembered you telling me the connection. All makes sense now. And I love finding little gems in my drafts folder. :)

Marilyn said...

Ha ha! Pretty funny that you still posted it! Everyone has gron so much in a year! Thanks for sharing!

jeanene c said...

Ohhh I loved seeing all these photos. You captured J's wonder and joy in the fireworks so beautifully and the piggys! Thank you so much!


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