Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I think my daughter might be French

So I found this post in my drafts from forever ago and had no idea what it was about so I opened it up. Lo and behold, it had pictures attached. Oh my little girl is so much bigger now! This was from her early hoarding phase. We've moved on from the car trunk to squirreling things away behind the bean bag and behind the glider in M's room.

At the time I'm sure I had some witty ideas on why this was french behavior but those have left me now.

Perhaps it is because she appreciates fine vehicles?

But probably because she stole the smoked Gouda while I was making dinner and stored it in her getaway car.

I remember how she hoarded these flowers in there too. Then as she got bigger these flowers ended up in cozy coupe. I'm seeing a trend.


Todd said...

I seem to recall her only being soothed when being spoken to in French. Maybe that contributed to it? And the hoarding seems to follow more the elderly American in those who lived through the Great Depression. They seem more apt to squirrel things away. She is a beautiful little girl, and I'm impressed with how much she's grown.

jeanene c said...

I am struck by how much more hair she has now. I love the photos.


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