Monday, September 2, 2013

M's blessing

So I created a facebook event for the blessing and invited a bunch of people in one session, then came back and added a bunch a few minutes later. Only afterwards did I find out that the second group didn't actually get invited.


Hopefully there were no permanently hurt feelings. 

It was a rough morning in general since I stayed up late the night before getting the brunch ready and attempting to clean up my house. Then Husband had morning meetings which meant I had to get both kids and myself picture ready solo. And be on time to 9am church. And finish some last minute meal prep. Then the ward leaders forgot there were 2 babies to be blessed and started packing up early and my introvert husband had to go and flag them down right before a nerve-wracking, public spiritual event. He did a beautiful job and all turned out lovely.

Here is couple pics of our new family of 4. The most reliable way to get J to face a camera is to have her wave or point at the photographer.

It doesn't always work. We have yet to devise a strategy for M.

As evidenced below.

And a little 3 generation shot.

 Later that week I gave M a little photo shoot in the adorable, albeit quickly outgrown suit. And I liked too many so you may have to suffer through.

We have our thumbs down to being photographed.

The nice footwork

Pensive and thoughtful

The smile that makes me think of his cousin Anna.

A smile showing off his little vest and tie.

My favorite one, hang ten little buddy

And one with his little tongue flipping out

At this point in the photoshoot, he senses a disturbance in the force

It is pink and has a mission

"Have to whap him"

The ignominy of it all.

The silent plea for help

And reluctant acceptance that this may not be what Grammy intended when she lovingly crocheted the blanket.


Katie said...

He's so sweet and you're so funny:)

Elena said...

That just made my heart so happy. I can't wait to cuddle him again!


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