Monday, August 19, 2013

The Glories of Flatware

My dear son has decided 2 months is the appropriate interval for growing teeth. They haven't sprouted yet, but he has become a snotty, drooling mess and found a source of happiness other than boobs (but they are still the number one favorite).

Personally, I prefer my cold spoons with ice cream on them but in all fairness he hasn't had that experience yet. Heaven help us though because 2 months is way too young for teething.


Todd said...

The pains that are assosciated with precocious children. It is the burden you have to bear. In good news, though, it does help smooth along many other things, and just pray that it translates to other enjoyable milestones, like potty training. Love that face. And you guys. All of you.

jeanene c said...

How could that darling boy ever be a problem? Here's hoping that he doesn't cut that tooth on you! I think most kids get their first spat on the bum when they try out that new tooth on Mom.


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