Sunday, September 4, 2016

Life That First Month After Having a Baby, According to My Phone

We all were just trying to get sleep however we could.

 This snuggly baby just cuddles up to whoever is holding him.

His coming home outfit was a little big

 J loved her new outfit and Calico Critters from Cheryl the Great

I found interesting compositions on my phone. I thought this one was really pretty. Maybe I should make her an instagram account

And this one made me laugh. She made a cracker stand and had us come buy crackers from the bunnies.

Sad face :(

Babies in jammies!

I also have 90 photos that look like this.

M3 had his first bath in the Puj tub my friend so generously gave me.

They love their minion shirts from Cheryl the Great.

I can't help but think he looks fabulous in his outfits.

My friend Janette made M his red blankey that he latched onto and she made M3 one too. I set the baby down for a moment and his sister made sure he was warm enough.

I made pizza with tomatoes and basil from the garden and felt like I was winning at life.

Then we made chocolate dirt for family night and I thought I was so cool until the kids only ate two bites and had EPIC meltdowns immediately after when it was time for bed.

Everything else was a blur. The sleep deprivation from M3 is doable, it's the other two waking me up that put me over the edge. I'll just be putting M3 down after his 2nd or third night feeding at 5:30am and then M will wake up at 6am wanting something. Of course Husband is typically in the shower then so I have to deal with the high-pitched persistence. But we made it through!

The hardest part was getting the house ready for the real estate pictures. I had lots of friends come over and help clean and many people watched my kiddos but there was still much to be done. I had planned to finish painting one wall and clean the bathrooms the night before, then clear all the surfaces the morning of. It ended up being too much and I was stuck with the WORST cramping. I remember the same thing happening about 2 weeks post partum with my first two babies so I didn't go to the ER, but man, it hurt! So Husband finished painting the wall but didn't have time to do anything else. I called my tribe and asked them to come rescue me. My mom, Aunt Donnie and Big Sis answered the call and I was overwhelmed with gratitude. My mom finished the back rooms just as the photographer finished photographing the front rooms. God is good and sent me all the people I needed. Look how clean they rooms looked! (And documentation of our first house) I wish I had the real estate photos instead of my quick phone pics)

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