Sunday, September 4, 2016

The random bits of July

I was trying to get a cute picture of M in his outfit from Cheryl but he had collapsed again.

I was taking a picture of M3's outfit from Cheryl but the siblings jumped in. After so many newborn photos, they thought this was the norm.

 J set up a tea party for us.

This kid kept growing and started sleeping with a 4 hour chunk.

My best buds from childhood came over for a wonderful farewell lunch! I'll miss these girls but the beauty of being friends for 25 years is that you know nothing is going to end the friendship. There is such comfort in having friends who truly know you, even the terrible mean parts, and love you anyways. 
M entertained us with the classic "Box on head." It always gets a laugh.

Its fun to see how the babies change through the years as well.

I think J took this picture.

 And a million selfies.

I took her on a special date to pick out an Evie stuffed animal she had saved her money for. We went down every aisle at her pace just looking at toys. There was very limited Pokemon stuff because it had fallen out of fashion despite J's netflix obsession. Pokemon Go hadn't launched yet either. But we did find this gem of an American Girl doll so I had to send it to my fellow fitness instructor friends.

This was the last visit with Husband's dad before moving so I made them take a three generation picture.

Evan is M3's closest cousin in age

Mickey got a shoulder ride at Grammy's house.

Grammy bought her babies coats so they wouldn't be cold in Washington. J wanted to make sure her brother was warm enough.

I used a wood burning tool to make some fun wedding presents.

I borrowed a friend's Swiss cookbook about 2 years ago withe the promise we would make this potato dish. It was on the stack of stuff to return to people so I finally made it and had Sharmin come over to eat it. It didn't turn out quite right but still tasted good.

M3 wore the same onesie Sharmin gave M three years ago.

J had been into putting on fashion and talent shows. She said M3 could be in it and cry because that's all he knows how to do.

Who needs weather appropriate clothes when you have new jackets to be excited about?

I managed to take a few naps and it's always exciting to see the tableaus when I awake. This was a lunch stand.

I witnessed a plane crash

They find their own snacks without waking me. This made me think of snozscumbers from the BFG.

M can still fit into the diaper box so I pushed him around. Then J pushed him and they took turns so I could waste time on the internet for awhile.

M3 didn't like the bonnet that came with his blessing outfit.

The day of the blessing was a little chaotic so I didn't do his photo shoot until later. I have good pics on the DSLR that need the desktop to upload. That requires more unpacking so you just get one from the cell phone for now.

A friend put a request for the cute crocheted snail on facebook so I made her one. The pattern she linked to was way bigger than I thought so I made some babies to go with.

We had one last playdate with Jacob and Caleb and said goodbye to Miss Janette. We will miss our adventures together.

The kids weren't interested in pictures so I said to make a funny face. That worked.

Ellie had requested a sleepover before we moved and they went shopping together and got matching outfits.

This kid continued to be adorable and a wonderful baby.

The movers came to pack all our stuff. This is the way to do a move people. It was still surprisingly stressful to have other people pack touching all your stuff and answering all their questions.

And then we had to say goodbye to this wonderful house. We spent 8 years here, brought all three of our babies home from the hospital to here. It really was a fantastic place to live.

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jeanene c said...

Thank you for all the photos. I adore every one...but they make me miss you and your cute family.


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