Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Musical Instrument Museum

My sweet parents have started giving their grandkids experience presents because the gift of time is often more gratifying than more stuff. I've always wanted to visit this museum so I requested this one. Grandma Great came along as well and I'm so glad she did. (This was before we moved)

It had all kinds of fun stuff, like Taylor Swift's outfit! I swear my big sister has this exact outfit.

There were much more fascinating things than pop icon clothing, promise. When you walked by exhibits, you would hear the music play through your headphones. M LOVED it.

This instrument was made out of a cactus.

M and J accurately identified this costume as a mermaid before any of us.

I liked the cathedral details of this room.

The feminist went "Nineteen. Ninety. Seven. Ugg."

This was by far M's favorite thing, the sections of the orchestra would light up as they played. He was convinced it was Little Einsteins brought to life.

The favorite part for all was the experience room. They finally got to play with all the instruments.

Grandma Great enjoyed it as well.

Mom didn't get a chance to visit this room on her first trip so it was lots of fun.

Giant drum!


When I'm in my 80's I'm going to take selfies with my grandchildren too.

M didn't enjoy the music as much. You'd think he'd like the gong that was somewhat boob-shaped, but no.

This was the best group shot I could get. M wasn't happy about it.

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