Sunday, September 4, 2016

Hello Seattle!

I flew up with M3 while Husband drove up with J, M, and Madre Dos. M3 did great on his first flight and received many compliments. It was a little awkward nursing him between a hippie with a faint maryjane smell and a nice enough college dude, but whatever. I was just happy to make the flight. The relocation company booked a flight on Alaska Airlines for me but it was serviced by American Airlines, something I didn't find out until I tried to check in and they couldn't find me on the list. Of course I couldn't pull up my reservation because of crappy internet but we figured it out. I had to book it to terminal 3 with my carseat and luggage as fast as I could, with no stroller because it had accidentally been packed by the movers.

Mt Rainier was nice and clear from the plane and Hippie Dude took a picture for me.

Lil Sis picked us up from the airport and Penny got to meet M3

I had a $75 per diem but ate with my sister so I decided to get sugar drunk at the hotel, compliments of the quicky mart and cheesecake factory.

I had the most delicious fig, apple, and goat cheese crepe for breakfast.

I thought it would be a dream having just me and M3 for a couple days but it was surprisingly difficult. No swing, no stroller, no rocker, and not enough sound made it tricky. Any little sound I'd make would wake him up and I missed my tools to soothe him. Good thing he was mostly his happy self.

The airport dash ended up being a good thing because it showed me I could handle the luggage and car seat and baby solo. I didn't need to call and Uber for the two block walk to our temp housing.  They put us up in this sweet apartment for a month. That table is not preschooler friendly and the lack of locks on the windows gave me nightmares, but I liked living there for a bit.

They even had a Washington shaped gift basket waiting for us!

We were right up the street from Pike Place Market so I enjoyed some famous mac and cheese.

I indulged in fresh flowers every week. This bouquet is only $10!

M3 was dressed as Where's Waldo by accident.

They have a Haiku Yen store in the Westlake center! It's a Japanese dollar store and I love them. We amassed a collection of these puzzle erasers during our stay.

I highly recommend the Crumpet Shop if you head to Pike's Place. The lemon curd is delicious.

I also love some boba and watching My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend had me craving some.

Husband and the kids made it up and we were able to see the house we were buying for the first time in real life. They had the same print hanging up as Husband's college roommate.

The backyard was even more magical than in pictures. Note the Evie bought on the internet. She carried it downtown during a video game convention and all the Pokemon Go players got a kick out of it.

We hung out at Lil' Sis's house and M loved her giant nerf gun.

The minivan didn't fit in the parking garage so we were using the Fit. All the kids fell asleep like puppies.

I bought more flowers and let the kids pick.

It's funny, when I ditched the stroller (the moving company delivered it), people smiled at my crew and I as we made our way, but when we had everyone loaded up on the double stroller, the public seemed overwhelmed by us.

The hotel next door to our apartment had this statue and the kids wanted to pose with it every. day.

 M3 slept from 9-5am! More than once! Although not regularly :(

We went up to the 40th floor to the top of our building. It made my anxiety go into overdrive because M could do something crazy and go over the railing. Unlikely? Yes. Did my sleep-deprived brain care? Nope. Husband had a quick business trip to San Fransisco so we waited for him to come back before going up there again. I needed another pair of hands ready to feel comfortable, but it was a beautiful view.


Lianna said...

Yay! I know this isn't the first post back but I was waiting eagerly for it! What a spectacular backyard, I would completely have been in hyperventilate- high pitched mommy mode on that roof too... But it's gorgeous! I can't wait to see more pics of your house!

jeanene c said...

We so enjoyed getting to see your house and spend time with you. Love your posts!

Katie said...

You are such a great adventurer! I'm trilled for your move!


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