Monday, August 15, 2016

Life Before M3

So here are some pics of life before we were a family of 5

M tried on my sunglasses and looked like a boss

Amelia has been coming to my spin classes since my very first class and I adore her. She brought M3 the cutest pack of onesies.

Husband went on a bunch of trips interviewing for new jobs and his kids were happy to have him home. I was always happy I hadn't gone into labor without him.

This time M passed out wearing a hat.

I was still teaching classes to the end and felt a bit ridiculous at 38 weeks. J took this photo.

I was still teaching yoga too, but only did bridge if it felt right and I never held it very long.

 M fell asleep under pillow this time, again around 5pm.

 He gave me a hug from behind and started giving me neck kisses that tickled, just like I do to him

This time he passed out on the floor of my bathroom

He was also my champion tomato picker.

Next up, the era of three children

1 comment:

jeanene c said...

I am so glad you are back to blogging! I have missed it even when I was seeing you and the family pretty often. I just enjoy your 'voice'! The collection of M's sleep moments might just make a book!


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