Thursday, March 26, 2015

St Patty's Party

So I decided to actually do it last minute, as in "mass text to my momma friends inviting them to come over the next morning for a little party and to bring something green to eat and share. "

Don't let the pictures fool you, this party had very little prep. Never underestimate the power of a floor-length tablecloth and white platters. I just recycled all the games from this party and they worked out just as well. And since I didn't really think anything through, I didn't remember to take pictures of most of it.

I did get this kid in a green shirt though! It was 90 degrees in freakin' March at 10:00am and my kids ended up getting sunburned. Lame.

This is Selene

And Grayson

And Rachel with Jake (Who happened to face-plant off the landing and needed a popsicle to make it feel better. The magic power of popsicles easily transcends the powers of tablecloths and platters on the cosmic scale.)

At this point in guest photo documentation, I had an insistent plea to unwrap some chocolate coins recently found during the treasure hunt.

Toddlers, chocolate, and ninety degree weather meant that I didn't get a chance to pick up my camera again for the rest of the party. Let it be known that my daughter was there too as well as another ten kids. We just take what we can get around here :)

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jeanene c said...

You are such a great Mom and friend! Looks like such a fun party!


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